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receiver + speaker combo

Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Speakers
  1. Joseph_K

    What should i go for, amplifier or an av receiver ?

    Hi, Based on the comments - https://www.hifivision.com/threads/need-suggestions-for-2-1-av-receiver-setup.72652/ - am a bit confused now. What should i go for ? Receiver or an amplifier. Music is my number one. Everything comes next. But, i do watch lot of movies & documentaries. Like, really...
  2. G

    An affordable home theatre .

    hey guys , :cheers: I have just joined and am new to this . I just wanted to ask you expert guys for a setup of 5.1ch home theatre under Rs. 70k :licklips: Which speaker package and receiver do you prefer . I am in for custom building as well as getting a HTIB. I like the TAGA HARMONY...
  3. A

    Yamaha HTR-3067 + Yamaha NS-PA150 + Polk Audio Sub PSW 110; is it a good choice ?

    Hello all, I am looking for a basic level Home theater unit for my home. After doing checks, reviews, research, I have finalized below models. Yamaha HTR-3067 + Yamaha NS-PA150 + Polk Audio Sub PSW 110; AVR: 3067 (not 2067): 25k Yamaha NS-PA150: 10.5k Polk Audio Sub PSW 110: 17k...
  4. C

    HK AVR-340 okay to use with JBL ES80?

    So here is my situation: My receiver (HK AVR 340) only does 65W per channel but my brand new JBL ES80s have a continuous power handling of 100W, max recommended amplifier power of 200W. I wanted to use them as my new left and right channel speakers. I know my receiver is a little...
  5. V

    HELP PLEASE! Onkyo HT-S5500 HTIB or Onkyo TX-NR727 AV receiver?

    Hi everyone. How are ya? My first post here, although I've been reading this forum for a while. So hi. I need your help in deciding on a HT. Here is a summary of my situation, before I ask for advice on my specific questions: I recently got a quote of 30k for the HT-S5500...
  6. A

    Help me choose AVR and Speaker

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear any mistakes. I am looking to assemble a mid priced starter HT system. I looked into various options and finalized the following AVRs. Please also recommend any other you feel suits my need. Please recommend a place (walk-in or online) where can...
  7. R

    Step Down Transformer - Onkyo TX NR609 with Onkyo HT 7.1 speakers Return to India

    Hi All, I think this question might have been answered elsewhere, but would appreciate if someone responds... I have the above Receiver and Speakers 7.1 setup at US. I am moving back to India in short time span. I am looking to take these back with me. I think I might need a step down...
  8. I

    Integrated Amplifier or HTIB or Receiver + Speaker Combo

    Hi, I have been following the threads for last few months and was most certain to buy the Onkyo HTS-3400. However, as always it happens I stumbled upon few threads which have had a tailspin effect on my decisions and confused me....:) So, what are my needs? 1) I love music...:yahoo...