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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. R

    Need some comparision two home theater configurations

    Hi, I am planning to get home theater. My room size is 22ft(length) and width 14ft. I want to use it 95% for movies and watching tv shows. very very less music We went to a local dealer in May 2015 and he suggested us to go with below configuration: Here is the itemized bill: liberty...
  2. R

    denon x3200 vs onkyo txNR737

    Hi folks can you guys suggest which one is better. For black friday I see both of them for 500$. Thinking of buying one and bringing back to India :)...
  3. MaSh

    Which budget Receiver

    Hi, Need help selecting a budget 5.1 receiver. The receivers I could shortlist in no particular order are 1. Pioneer VSX-524K 2. Yamaha HTR-3067 - Rs.25k 3. DenonX500 - Rs.25k I am not looking for anything fancy, just current Audio Video Decoders, atleast 3 HDMI inputs and OSD via...
  4. K

    Will these Andrew Jones speakers go with my Pioneer receiver?

    Hi, I am a beginner here. Have been trying to understand the basics of Home theatre but the more I read the more I get confused. SO I will clearly lay out my concern now. I already bought Pioneer vsx 924 - Its specification says 135 W/ch (6 ohms 1 kHz THD 1.0 % 1ch Driven) 75 W/ch (8 ohms...
  5. S

    How much power does your speaker need - power vs sensitivity

    Hi folks, Here is a table (scroll down on that page a little) that tells you the power needed to get a certain output SPL for a speaker of a given sensitivity. Please take a look. Goes to show how important speaker sensitivity is, if you have limited power at your disposal. My preferred movie...
  6. E

    AVR for B&W CM10

    Hi everyone. I have decided on B&W CM10 + Centre + Surrounds + Sub (7.1 setup). Now, the issue is choosing the correct way to drive them. CM10 Fronts are rated as 30-300W. I have no clue where to begin. Even the top most AVRs give 145W @ 8 ohm. Is it sufficient?
  7. bigron

    For Sale Denon AVR 2807

    Product Name : Denon AVR 2807 AV Receiver. Expected Price: Rs 24000 Source and Time of Purchase: Bought this in 2006/2007 Servicing History: Never Serviced Product Condition: 9/10 . Absolutely scratch less with no known defects. Purchase Invoice : Not Available No Indian/International...
  8. bigron

    For Sale Denon AVC 3890 ( same as 3805 in the US)

    Product Name : Denon 3890 AV Receiver. This is a Japan only model hence the different nomenclature. The exact same model was sold in the US as Denon AVR 3805. Expected Price: Rs 15000 Source and Time of Purchase: Bought this in 2006 while travelling to Japan. Servicing History: Never...
  9. A

    Which network AV receiver to buy?

    Hi all, I am looking for a receiver that allows me to: Play 5.1 in my bedroom Play stereo in my bathroom as second zone independently as well as simultaneously Play music from Macbook Control the receiver from bathroom (there is wall between bathroom and amp) Above functionality...
  10. H

    Pioneer Elite VSX-44 or Denon AVR-S700W

    With all the black Friday deals, which Receiver is better? Thanks
  11. S

    Home Stereo with Floorstanding Speakers

    Hi there! I have an old Sony Mini Hi-Fi (120W x2 @ 6ohms) with screwed up software. I can only play it using my laptop/iPod/Mobile on Game Aux but then that's a dependency I don't like. Now I am planning to replace it with a new music system. My requirements: 1. It's for AUDIO in Stereo...
  12. H

    Need to replace DENON AVR-391

    Here is my set-up in my Home Theatre: 2 Episode ES-500-Point-6 Ceiling Speakers, 3 Episode ES-700-IWLCR-5 In-Wall Dual woofer Speakers, Episode ES-Sub-12-300 Subwoofer Must be 3D Passthrough. Any Suggestions?
  13. V

    Marantz -getting service from authorized channel

    For those who are looking to buy receivers or products from marantz.. I thought i should share my experience dealing with dealer and service center which i would say is very poor. I had purchased a marantz 5006 receiver from Bass and Treble Gurgaon. After some time time it stopped working . I...
  14. S

    Pioneer vsx 923 eq help

    hi, i was wondering if its possible to change the equalizer settings like you do in the Icontrolav app without using the phone app just like this http://pioneer.jp/product/soft/iapp_icontrolav2ipad/img/img04.jpg that was a picture from the phone app, i change the eq to full on everything...
  15. R

    Made this account just for advice on this purchase!!!

    I just bought some "monitor audio silver 6" floor standing speakers. Yeah, I'm excited too. Anyway, those are my speakers, and I'm looking for a stereo receiver that can really get the best sound possible out of my new speakers! looking to spend $400 or less, I need plenty of inputs (xbox...
  16. A

    Help me choose AVR and Speaker

    Hello, This is my first post so please bear any mistakes. I am looking to assemble a mid priced starter HT system. I looked into various options and finalized the following AVRs. Please also recommend any other you feel suits my need. Please recommend a place (walk-in or online) where can...
  17. A

    stereo amplifier for bose301

    My father recently purchased Bose 301 V speakers. He indents to use these stereo speakers in his bedroom (dimension 10foot X 16 Foot, to be placed on the 16 foot wall). He mostly listens to Fm, old hindi songs, instrumentals and occasionally engish soft/classic rock (like hotel california). He...
  18. S

    For Sale Marantz SR 6006 AV Receiver Silver / Gold

    Following my other classified items, I am listing this AV Receiver for sale. - If you google it, you will get to know all the good reviews that the receiver has online and my experience is in line with the reviews. The receiver sounds very smooth and musical for AV Receiver. It is quite...
  19. ashokec

    Need help in converting DVD player to Dolby receiver

    Hi I have a DVD player with Dolby decoder. I want to convert it so that it can decode 5.1 Dolby from SPDIF. If you have any ideas please share. Regards Ashok
  20. Jayann

    Which is the Best sound system I can get under 60k

    Friends, I request your expert advice in buying a good sound system under 60k. Expected usage of sound system are... - Movies 30% - Airtel digital TV 30% - Music 30% - PS3 Gaming 10% Existing Gadgets I have which I would like to connected... (If possible) - 46" Sony LED - PS3 console - Sony 3...