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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. S

    What AV Receiver to buy ?

    Hi Everyone, Been here for last one month and am super confused to buy a AV Receiver. Am in Chennai and would like to setup a home theater at my native Thanjavur. I am confused to choose either Entry level(20-30) or Mid(30-50) Or High (50-60K) receivers. The problem is I don't want...
  2. A

    Yamaha HTR 2064

    As mentioned in my earlier post, I currently own a Yamaha HT 20164 AVR and planning to upgrade my speakers to Harman KArdon HTR 30/ 65. I have the following questions: - Does anybody know what is the rated RMS (watt output) of the Yamaha 2064 receiver at 8 ohms. All the literature states its...
  3. S

    Using Marantz receiver preouts

    I am planning to buy either SR5009 or SR6009. I own a Carver 5-channel amplifier which I would like to use to drive my speakers instead of the receiver. The receivers concerned have pre-outs that I can use to connect my amp. But my question is whether the amplier section of the receiver will be...
  4. M

    7.1 AV Receiver with HD Upgrader

    Hello all! Looking to buy a 7.1 AV Receiver with HD Video Upgrader. Right now considering to purchase the F&D F700UF. Now I need decide how to go about buying the receiver: the brand, how to evaluate tech specs, how much improvement I can expect for Vid upscaling and Audio management. My budget...
  5. saurabhpach

    Wanna buy a new AV reciever

    Hi guys, I used to have a Marantz SR5001 Av receiver for about last 5 yrs. It just packed up. I have a pair of JBL E90 floor standers and will be soon taking up a klipsch/BIC america sub. Please suggest which receiver should I go for. My uses are : Loud music (vol almost fully...
  6. Z

    My Home theatre (Shortlist of devices) please suggest

    Hi. Im new to this site.This is my first thread. Im happy to be here. Nice to meet you all. Im an audio/video enthusiast. I am planning to setup a home theatre. So i would like to know how much it would cost for setting up a decent home theatre ? I have shorlisted these audio/video products...
  7. D

    Any STB with ananlog 5.1 audio output?

    Hi. I read through the existing threads but could not find a straight answer to the following question: Is there any Set Top Box that has analog output for 5.1 channel audio? I am currently using Airtel DTH (non-HD) hooked to my 40" LED TV (which has only stereo headphone out and optical...
  8. A

    good 5.1 channel (between 3 choices)

    I have a plan to buy a 5.1 channel AV receiver. I am looking at a low budget quality receiver. Based on this I found 3 products which are available in my country. Could the experts give me some comparison between below (all are 5.1 channel outputs), and which would be best preferred : Yamaha...
  9. A

    integrating my devices together

    I would like to view my music with visualization and also something having album-artwork. I therefore am planning to buy a laptop. Actually a netbook. What I would like to know is if I can integrate this with my AC receiver. ? Which AV receiver suports this ? Also my other...
  10. A

    newly joined .. hi to all

    Hello All, Just registered here. Newly joined. Would like to know about receivers and integrating ALL devices into one. thx. Aks
  11. K

    Upscaling to 1080p issues with Receivers - best choice?

    There seems to be one issue, the Onkyo :confused:606 upscales only HDMI i not p from other non HDMI sources like Satellite TV, Cable, etc. however, the HK 255 upscales to HDMI p. . . I checked the 705 it is not clear on the site about whether it upscales to i or p. Can some of you please help me...