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  1. Fiftyfifty

    SOLD PSAudio LANRover USB Transporter

    The LANRover reclocks, regenerates and transports the Computer USB output so as to effectively eliminate noise and jitter. Features: Regenerates, cleans, and reclocks USB audio data Galvanically isolates DAC from computer or music server Buffers and retimes audio data irrespective of computer...
  2. amit11

    Spdif purifier by iFi

    Hi Friends, Does anybody use or have had chance to demo the SPDIF purifier by iFi? It is basically a pass thru for spdif signal (either optical or coaxial), and is said to purify it by reducing jitter / reclocking etc. It sits between the transport and the DAC. Normally our transport which...
  3. amit11

    USB / reclocker / regenerator / DDC (digital to digital convertor)

    Hi Friends, Over the few months I had tried to experiment with USB sound. In some cases it was bright and in some cases it was fine. I also did USB to SPDIF and tried. Somehow I still preferred my original chain of SPDIF. Though USB had some good points, it was still missing the natural & lush...
  4. J

    For Sale Audio GD DAC19 DSP, Monarchy Audio DIP (reclocker)

    Audio GD DAC19 DSP ????? Around two years old. Sparingly used. Has Coaxial, optical and USB input. Functionally perfect. Has some minor blemishes on the top plate from the headphone amp being kept on it. Cost me over Rs35k for a new one including shipping anc customs (back when the dollar was...