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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. B

    Home Recording- Help required

    Hi friends, I am a newbie here. Need all you experts help in setting up a home recording centre ( want to record songs of my wife with karaoke). I read lots of article to setup but it leads no where finally I came to know this is the place where I will get help.My requirement > record voice...
  2. N

    Preamp out or Line out to my voice recorder

    I want to record an audio live performance. My AHUJA TZA 7000 amplifier has 1. Pre out - 2mV/600 Ohm 2. Line out 1V/ 2Kilo Ohm My ZOOM H1 voice recorder has line/mic in Input impedance: 2k? (Input level: 0 to -39dBm) Please advice how to record from the amplifier. From preamp out or line out...
  3. Y

    GOOD READ - "Q&A with Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings."

    Source URL:- Q&A with Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings | AudioStream Most importantly this Barry seems to be very happy with Compuetr based set-ups! "Some of you already know about Barry Diament from his CD mastering days at Atlantic Records where he was the mastering engineer for...
  4. Y

    Chesky Recordings and its claimed awesomeness!!

    Source - Innerfidelity Article by Tyll Hersten!! "The making of "Dr Chesky's Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show!" "I worked side-by-side with David Chesky on dozens of Chesky Records sessions in the 1990s to the early 2000s, so I know firsthand how obsessed he is...
  5. haisaikat

    Dish TV launches USB recording on existing HD STB via firmware upgrade

    All, Dishtv has launched a new feature by which via normal software upgrade the existing HD set top boxes would be recording capable and that too on a USB drive that can be connected to the existing USB port at the back of the STB. The recording option needs to be activated via SMS one time...