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  1. prepress

    For Sale Hindi Vinyl LP Records for sale

    Dear Friends, I am putting spare copies from my collection. I've tried to explain the condition of each LP, please contact if you have any question. Each Set Includes (10 LPs) Price 2500 + Shipping (Actual) per set. Mandatory pictures attached. SET 01 Abhimaan - VG++ Chaalbaaz (Sunny...
  2. prepress

    For Sale Bollywood Vinyl Records for sale

    Dear FMs, Here are some double copies for sale from my collection. I've tried to explain the condition of each LP, please contact if you have any question. Mandatory pictures attached below. Set 01 (10 LPs) = 2500/- Set 02 (10 LPs) = 2500/- Set 03 (10 LPs) = 2500/- Set 04 (10 LPs) =...
  3. prepress

    This and That about Vinyl Records

    Hi friends, I was thinking to share something about a vinyl but couldn't find appropriate thread for the same so I thought to create a separate thread in which we can discuss anything about vinyl records. :) Just read about 16" transcription vinyl record which were used in radio stations...
  4. surendar

    For Sale Queen LP Boxset

    For sale is an extremely rare 14 LP Box Set 'Queen-The Complete Works' which was officially released by EMI Records UK as limited edition. Catalog number QB1. This contains the first 13 albums by Queen + a bonus disc. 1) Queen 2) Queen II 3) Sheer Heart Attack 40 A Night at the Opera...
  5. B

    For Sale Set of 14 Jethro Tull Albums on Vinyl (LP)

    I have for sale a set of 14 Jethro Tull LP's / Records / Vinyl albums that are made in the USA and in excellent condition. These are the first 14 albums from Living in the Past to Crest of a Knave. Details of the individual record and sleeve condition are indicated in the image with any...
  6. L

    Brazilian who's buying all the Vinyl Records in the World

    As the title says: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/magazine/the-brazilian-bus-magnate-whos-buying-up-all-the-worlds-vinyl-records.html
  7. RMCWS

    I just found these

    I was going through some old stuff and I discovered these few pieces of old records in the study room. I carefully took them out and cleaned the outer paper boxes with clothes and even cleaned the dust off by using a soft cloth for the vinyl. These belong to my deceased father and I have also...
  8. O

    This is our type of music available here

    Today I heard about this on FM. This is nice, please help yourself. underscore records BTW, its not that costly but experimental. Also not only records but they sell through download, CD as well.
  9. K

    Where to buy old hindi film lps, posters & magazines in mumbai

    Ok so my parents are going to punjab and will be also going to mumbai. i want them to bring me back lps,old movie posters (70's era like sholay,jalte badan,muqqadar ka sikander..) and film magazines (esp. the 70's issues anything such as filmfar, cine blitz, stardust....). since they dont know a...
  10. denzong

    For Sale LPs

    Hi All, a fellow forumer is selling his LP collection. out of his lot i have picked up mine and these are left. he wants to sell in bulk so guys please show interest and let me know who all wants what. the price is @ 200 per record and according to him its in very good condition heres the...