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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. A

    SOLD [DAC] Rega DAC-R

    Model: Rega DAC-R Ownership history: I am the original owner. Purchased from the India distributor (Tusker Audio) Purchase date: February 2017 Condition: In working condition, with minimal scratch marks. No damages. I have the original packaging and the remote. Location: Mumbai Full disclosure...
  2. sydney

    For Sale Rega RP1 plus turntable

    [Price Reduction] Hi I'm putting some of my audio equipment up for sale. Details as below and photos attached. 1. Turntable with built-in phono stage + cork mat (bought from FM Rikhav) Model : Rega Planar 1 PLUS Location : Bangalore Price : Rs.35000 [28000] Reason for selling : Upgraded to...
  3. Kannan

    SOLD Rega Cursa 3 preamplifier

    SOLD Rega Cursa 3 preamplifier in excellent working and cosmetic condition with remote control Total 7 inputs and 2 outputs The 7 inputs are 1 (phono, MM or MC), 4 regular RCA inputs, two tape inputs and outputs Two preamp outs wired in parallel internally. One of it can be connected to an...
  4. S

    Crackling & Sparking noise with used Vinyls

    Hello audiophiles & Vinyl veterans in particular. Am new to vinyls & TT. i have this Rega Planar 1 TT. Plays Vinyls with the ease & perfect. In the rush to explore & experience more, I have collected quite a few used old classic records that generate these static noise. Some are really bad...
  5. Anurag

    For Sale Rega Brio integrated Amplifier 2017 model

    For sale, Rega Brio integrated Amplifier 2017 model. Purchased from HiFimart on 23 Jan 2018, so warranty should still be there. Everything including original box packing, manual, remote and amplifier is there in top 10/10 condition, plastic cover on the front faceplate is not even removed...
  6. anirudhchandrashekar

    NAD, Rega or Marantz Integrated Amplifier to pair with my Dalis?

    I have a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. Planning to get a suitable amp for it. I think I have looked across and found that Marantz PM6006, Marantz PM7005, Rega Brio and NAD D3020 v2 amps are in my budget. It would be difficult to get an audition of the exact amps that I read about. My requirement...
  7. Rajeshh

    For Sale Rega Fono MM MK3, Tellurium Q Black XLR, Isotek Initium EVO3 Power Cable, QED Performance RCA

    Rega Fono MM MK3 - Needs no introduction, this is the new version MK3 & a perfect synergy with any Rega Turntable(moving magnet). I bought this from Adelphi in Singapore last year. HifiMart lists this at 27,000 INR. It is made in England & I have the original packing with box. Condition - 10/10...
  8. B

    New sub help to add

    Hi first time poster... I am looking to add a sub to my speaker and amp setup I have currently, and hoping for advice on which to look into more. Im looking for a little extra boom at the lower end for my movies while not sacrificing quality while listening to my vinyls. My room is about...
  9. Santy

    For Sale Rega Mira 3 integrated amplifier

    Posting this on behalf of my friend. Rega Mira 3 integrated amp Bought in 2007/ 2008 In perfect working condition. Cosmetic condition: 7/10 Finish: Black Asking price: Rs. 35k Item location: South Mumbai Original packing not available, so local pickup highly preferred. Power...
  10. K

    Rega or Project Entry Level Turntable

    Hello First time poster! I'm interested in purchasing a Rega or Pro-Jekt entry level turntable in Delhi. I would ideally prefer a new turntable. All fair offers are welcome!
  11. H

    Wanted Rega Brio R Integrated Amplifier

    Hi anyone have Rega Brio R Integrated Amplifier for sale
  12. E

    NAD + Dali Lektor 6 or Rega + Dali Lektor 6

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying an new audiophile hi-fi (amp + cd player + turntable + speakers). I was testing these 2 constellations and wanted to know if you had other ideas or if you could tell me which one of the 2 constellations would be better. I'm a novice in audiophile...
  13. haisaikat

    Rega Brio R vs CA 651A with MS Aviano 6

    Hi All, I am on the lookput for a 2 channel stereo amp and have a budget of not exceeding 50K. One one side I have in mind the CA AZUR 651A that retails for 43K INR and on the other side I have Rega Brio R. In many online reviews I have seen that CA 651A beaten by rega's hype of course guided...