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region free

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  1. I

    Best Region free Blu ray player in India?

    My cousin is looking for a blu ray player which can play blu ray discs from all regions. What would be his best option? Availability of apps like Netflix, Prime Video etc. will be an added bonus. Budget is around 20k but can be stretched if the feature set is good.
  2. R

    Sony SR760HP region free ?

    Hi everybody ! I am new here, so think maybe a very basic question..I have inherited a ton load of UK DVD's (region 2, I think) and my Sony player SR760HP has Region 5 written behind it. The Sony technician says that my UK discs cant play & the board needs to be changed, even a hack wont...
  3. inshadesofgrey

    Any Blu-ray player suggestions from experts?

    I am getting the Optoma GT-750E projector from Canada this month, and am looking for a 3-D blu-ray player to go with it. I narrowed down my choice to Panasonic BDT220 (from infibeam) for ONE primary reason and that is that it can be region unlocked - but apparently the cost is around 40...
  4. baijuxavior

    For Sale Region Free Sherwood BDP 5004 Blu-Ray Player and Harmony 525 URC

    I'm putting the following two products for sale 1. Sherwood BDP 5004 Region Free Blu-Ray Player This is a great player which is region free for both blu-rays and dvds. I have tested region B disks (LOTR extended) on this player and they worked very well. Region can be changed using remote...
  5. haisaikat

    (haisaikat) My 3D Slim HTPC cum Region Free Blu-Ray Player

    Hi Everyone, Yesterday I finished building my HTPC (cum region free BD Player and 3D ready) that was in the process of building for more than 1 month slowly in stages. Before I proceed any further I have to say a big thank you to sam9s, spirovious and baijuxaviour without whom I would not have...
  6. haisaikat

    Region Free 3D BDP from 220-electronics

    I am wondering if anyone has purchased any region free Blu Ray player from 220 electronics. I was checking their list of modded players Region Free Blu-ray player | Multi region blu-ray dvd Player | Code free Blue Ray dvd player | zone free BluRay Player Region Free Blu-ray Player looks...
  7. K

    where to buy modified region free blu-ray players in Mumbai?

    Hi all, wondering where to buy modified region free blu-ray player in Mumbai? and what will the suggested models (ideally a 3D one)?
  8. haisaikat

    PS3 Games Region Code

    Can anyone please let me know if I purchase any PS3 Game from Amazon.co.uk and try to play them on my PS3 purchased from India will I face any region code related iossue? On amazon there is no region filter search for PS3 Games. On the internet there are several links some which say that games...
  9. haisaikat

    7.1 DTS / DD Region Free Blu Ray titles

    Hi All, Wanted everyone's input in compiling a list of Region Free 7.1 blu ray titles in DTS or DD that are available on sites like amazon uk or elsewhere from where it can be shipped to India easily.
  10. thekinge

    Find out the Blu Ray region before you order

    I found this site to be very useful in finding out if a Blu Ray released in US / UK is region free or region locked before ordering: Blu-Ray Region Code Info Posted it here so that it would be useful for other members.