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AV Cables
  1. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD Price update Android box For. Android TV Box ......4G 64G Amlogic S905X2 2.4G&5G Wifi BT 4.2 1000M Smart TV Box Support Video Recording Set Top Box

    Price Update 4250 including shipping for Android Box For sale - A95X MAX X2 Android 8.1 TV Box 4G 64G Amlogic S905X2 2.4G&5G Wifi BT 4.2 1000M Bought from Aliexpress about 2 months back. Spent 4.6k plus customs 780 (only with standard remote) Reason for sale - lying unused. Expected price -...
  2. E

    Wanted Yamaha Remote Part Number: WJ409300 Manufacturer ID: RAV311

    Hi The Yamaha remote got misplaced during renovation....i am not able to find this one in the second hand market or elsewhere...i dont want to get a universal remote.... if anyone of you used Yamaha AVRs in the past HTR6030 / RXV361/ YHT280 / YHT380 / YHT685...this remote would work for...
  3. R

    Remote For Marantz PM 6004

    Hello All I have a marant pm6004 amp. Unfortunately, the battery of the remote leaked and spoiled the volume and channel functions. :sad::sad: A new remote from the company is costing my upwards of INR 6k. Can some one suggest a universal remote or some cheaper alternative which can...
  4. C

    Android app for remote control of NAD C320

    Hi, My NAD C320 was bought used and dint come with a remote control unit. I couldn't find any workable options in the PlayStore. Could anyone suggest an android phone app that would do the job from a Moto G 2nd gen?
  5. D

    Remote for Pioneer VSX-323

    Luckily my dog chewed the remote of my Pioneer VSX-323. Can any one tell me where can I get a new remote? Its model number is AXD7690
  6. U

    Logitech SBT not responding to Remote

    Logitech Squeezebox Touch is not responding to any key press from the remote. How to find if the problem is with Remote or the SBT. If its with remote, is there any possibility of getting it repaired locally (at mumbai preferrably). Alternately if there is any universal remote which can work...
  7. U

    For Sale Universal Remote URC8305 Kameleon One For All

    I am selling my One For All URC8305 Kameleon Remote Control 5 in 1 which i bought in Jan 2012 but was never used, discovered it now again, opened it, tested, and now put on sale. LCD Display: Yes Learnable: Yes Number of Controllable Devices: 5+ in 1 Numerical Keyboard: Yes...
  8. U

    For Sale RCA RCU410WMS Universal Remote Control

    I have for sale RCA RCU410WMS Universal Remote Control, how to program it can be seen at Programming the RCA CRCU410MS, RCU410MS Universal Remote Control Place: N Delhi sale Price: 400/- + Shipping Item: Remote + print of downloaded user manual Warranty: None Reason for sale: Dont use it...
  9. K

    Simple IR Remote for Motorized Alps Pot directly using Arduino.

    When I wanted to control the Motorized ALPS pot for my PASS B1, I started doing research and found that most MCUs used a H-Bridge using PNP+NPN transistors or HBridge ICs to drive the motor bidirectionally. Then by chance I came across this article in elektor...
  10. N

    Sony LED TV remote sensor not working

    Dear Friends, I am quite disappointed with my Sony KDL 32EX650. I bought this 30 days back and mounted it on wall. Suddenly, the remote sensor is not working. Tried using the same remote on other tv and found it working. So, i guess remote sensor in my tv would have gone wrong. Please help...
  11. S

    Xtreamer remote -- Bangalore guys please help!

    Hi Guys, My Xtreamer's remote died recently and I am unable to even switch it on :( Just today I got my universal remote, and as you see I don't have a working xtreamer remote to teach URC. Can anyone please lend me the remote for 30 mins? Mine is xtreamer sidewinder, and I live in...
  12. B

    Xtreamer sidewinder remote not working

    Hi all, Please help me on getting a different brand URC (Universal Remote Control) for xtreamer sidewinder. bcoz my xtreamer remote gone bad and i tried to show it electronic shops but they were also unable to fix. In bangalore in hypercity i found oneforall (4-in-1) URC, but i donot...
  13. kittu8_in2002

    Help: Remote for Asus HDP-R1

    I have lost the remote for asus HDP-R1.Any alternative or suggestions from your end.If any please tell the price too if anyones aware ! looking forward for your reply guys:rolleyes:
  14. U

    Universal Remote

    I want a good touchscreen remote contro thats universal and easy to use. I have a limited budget. Can anyone share their experience.
  15. teky

    Pocket BLU

    Just noticed it on the App Store and it seems have a version for Android & Blackberry as well. It allows you to control your BD Players including PS3 over Wi-Fi. Do check if your BD Player is supported - Not required to shell out extra for that Logitech Controller for PS3 oh and it's Free...