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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. A

    DENON service engineer

    Hi, I need to replace the monitor out jack on my AVR. Have got it checked by the DENON service centre but they were unable to fix it. I looking for any authentic service engineer In Pune who might be able to either fix the faulty jack or replace it. Also, looking for someone who can repair...
  2. S

    CD/DVD player repair shop/technician recommendation in Hyderabad?

    Can fellow FMs from Hyderabad kindly recommend any good technicians/electronic repair shops in Hyderabad who can look at and fix a (pretty old) Pioneer DVD player? Or at least diagnose the problem? I use it for CD playback only, but it has started showing some tray opening issues. It was working...
  3. S

    Audio Technice LP60 Transformer

    Hi, I bought Audio Technica AT LP 60 turntable from the US and used it directly in India. Because of 110v - 220v difference the transformer blew up. Now, I need to replace the transformer. But I am not able to figure what is the output that the transformer gives as it is not mentioned anywhere...
  4. D

    Repair of Klipsch speakers in Bangalore

    Hi, call me a defensive pessimist. I'm purchasing 4* Klipsch R-15M, 1* RP-250C, SW 12 subwoofer to set up my 5.1 HT system. As I assemble my system, I was wondering if there are any reliable guys who can repair my speaker in case they have issues. I'm getting all my speakers purchased outside...
  5. J

    Help me to repair center speaker - Energy Classic 5.1

    Hi Experts, I recently bought Yamaha RX V675 receiver and Energy take classic 5.1 speakers from US by one of my friend. I had set it up and was working great. But somehow I damaged the center speaker alone. I just connected TV without noticing the receiver volume was max and that sudden hell...
  6. A

    Boston acoustics repair in Hyderabad

    Hi Guys, I have a boston acoustics soundware digital cinema 2.1 system. The subwoofer which has a built in amp has developed some issues. Anyone pointers on where I can get this checked or repaired in Hyderabad? I tried mailing the authorized dealer in india, mzaudiodistribution, but no...
  7. A

    Rotel Amplifiers and Receivers---REPAIRS

    Would anyone be able to suggest a dealer or individual in Maharshtra (eg Mumbai, Pune) who could repair a Rotel Amplifier that I have. It is at present lying with one leading dealer in Mumbai but their response is exteremely slow. Thanks Ravi Mehta
  8. E

    Need help - LG 42PT350R Plasma 2012 - Board failure

    Hi all, After almost 5 years of loyal service, my LG plasma died last week. Symptom: Display not turning on, clicking sound -> high frequency buzz -> clicking sound. This keeps repeating. No LED blinking. Contacted LG and the service person promptly came the next day. According to his...
  9. A

    Repair for a US bought Onkyo Reciever

    Hi All, I have a US bought Onkyo receiver (2011 model) which is no longer playing any sound. Onkyo India seems to have a policy of not servicing US bought models :sad:. Any suggestions on non Onkyo service centre's or freelance technicians who can repair Onkyo AV receivers in Hyderabad...
  10. H

    Need inputs for AVR HDMI board issue

    Hi, I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 551R AVR that was brought over from UK. The HDMI in/out stopped working recently and I was given a quote from a Dealer in Chennai for around 20K and a waiting period of 2 months for them to import the part. I have read in other international forums that...
  11. S

    Service technicians referral thread

    Hello friends, I am new to this forum. Can anybody help me for a good technician who can service my AV receiver. I am looking in Kochi or Trichur I got Onkyo AV receiver with wharfadale speakers. thanks John
  12. ShutterX

    Where to get Speaker Surround Foam?

    I have an old pair of Infinity SM-65s. The surround foams of the woofers have melted away due to age and decompsition. They still work fine so i wish to refoam them. Where can i get 6.5inch surround foam? And what kind of adhesive should i use? cheers
  13. ShutterX

    Amplifier Repair in Delhi

    I have acquired an old and Non-working Yamaha AX-350 Integrated amp. It powers up, the delayed click comes, but there is no sound and the volume button causes a distortion type sound. Where can i get it repaired? I am Based in Noida and would like to stick to Delhi NCR on this.
  14. P

    Magnepan vintage speakers repair in India?

    Hi, I need to have my Magnepan MG-IIIA speakers repaired. The tweeters are great since I replaced them with brand new ones from Magnepan in 2005 while I was still in the US. However both speakers need to have their midrange/bass mylar diaphragms replaced as well as their black "socks" (covers)...
  15. S

    For TT lovers of Kolkata

    Found this article in Telegraph on 19th and thought of sharing...It maybe of help to some of our members here .... Link
  16. M

    Volume pot. for Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp.......Help!

    Help..... i live in the middle of nowhere, have an MF A3cr preamp, with a broken volume pot.......to make matter worse, whilst i was away a friend thinking he was being helpful, had the unit repaired..... The pot that has been put in is very cheap, i do not have the original that was removed...
  17. S

    Any recommendation for service company here in bangalore for my squeezebox

    I have an old squeezebox (sb2) bought way back in 2005. Now it does not boot anymore. I am trying to get it repaired, but couldn't find anyone brave to open it up :P Can anyone recommend me someone who works with hi-fi systems or any other electronic systems, here in bangalore. thanks...
  18. ShutterX

    help needed with Kenwood KA 501...

    hi all, i managed to get my hands on an old Kenwood KA 501. it hasnt been used for years and hence i opened it up and gave it a dusting. it powers up produces power at R channel A (moderate quality). however L channel is not working properly. iam checking the sound using my trusty old Sanyo...
  19. J

    Subwoofer gone Kaput

    Hi All, Need help / info pls. My Def Tech Pro Sub 100 TL Subwoofer has gone kaput. :sad: Any ideas/suggestions pls.... Replace driver ? Dealer says old model. So cant get. Recone? Worth it? Reliable person who can assist with Recone in Bangalore? I tried def tech authorised dealers...
  20. E

    Pioneer receiver repair in Delhi

    Hi guys I recently moved back from the US and got my pioneer vsx1121k receiver with me. Since te receiver only works on 110v I got a 1500 w step down transformer from guru electronics in Delhi. I plugged in the receiver a few days ago and it wouldn't turn on. It turns for a second but then...