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  1. A

    Looking for firmware for Marantz NR 1504

    Hello People, After the HDMI stopped working on my Marantz NR1504, someone changed the memory on board successfully. He could not update the firmware after it. He tried to contact the marantz support but seems the firmware is not available to be downloaded anymore. Is there any chance someone...
  2. veekm

    What's a good place to get a voice-coil wound in Bangalore?

    I've got a dead 5 ohm 10" speaker driver from a COSMIC system. I want to cut out the dust-cap using a "detail" knife and replace the voice coil. However I read that you can just as easily buy a new voice coil or have it wound for the driver. Is there anyone in Bangalore that does this sort of...
  3. veekm

    DIY Cosmic 5000 REPAIRof the VU meters, one speaker, and sound in the 'left' of A&B channels

    Hi, so I've posted pics on Reddit but got no worthwhile reply: I have access to the Amp and need to repair the following (assuming it needs such a thing): 1. 1-Speaker - looks to be some issue internal to the case: what's the back of the speaker made off because I'll have to drill and cut it...
  4. A

    DENON service engineer

    Hi, I need to replace the monitor out jack on my AVR. Have got it checked by the DENON service centre but they were unable to fix it. I looking for any authentic service engineer In Pune who might be able to either fix the faulty jack or replace it. Also, looking for someone who can repair...
  5. S

    CD/DVD player repair shop/technician recommendation in Hyderabad?

    Can fellow FMs from Hyderabad kindly recommend any good technicians/electronic repair shops in Hyderabad who can look at and fix a (pretty old) Pioneer DVD player? Or at least diagnose the problem? I use it for CD playback only, but it has started showing some tray opening issues. It was working...
  6. S

    Audio Technice LP60 Transformer

    Hi, I bought Audio Technica AT LP 60 turntable from the US and used it directly in India. Because of 110v - 220v difference the transformer blew up. Now, I need to replace the transformer. But I am not able to figure what is the output that the transformer gives as it is not mentioned anywhere...
  7. D

    Repair of Klipsch speakers in Bangalore

    Hi, call me a defensive pessimist. I'm purchasing 4* Klipsch R-15M, 1* RP-250C, SW 12 subwoofer to set up my 5.1 HT system. As I assemble my system, I was wondering if there are any reliable guys who can repair my speaker in case they have issues. I'm getting all my speakers purchased outside...
  8. J

    Help me to repair center speaker - Energy Classic 5.1

    Hi Experts, I recently bought Yamaha RX V675 receiver and Energy take classic 5.1 speakers from US by one of my friend. I had set it up and was working great. But somehow I damaged the center speaker alone. I just connected TV without noticing the receiver volume was max and that sudden hell...
  9. A

    Boston acoustics repair in Hyderabad

    Hi Guys, I have a boston acoustics soundware digital cinema 2.1 system. The subwoofer which has a built in amp has developed some issues. Anyone pointers on where I can get this checked or repaired in Hyderabad? I tried mailing the authorized dealer in india, mzaudiodistribution, but no...
  10. A

    Rotel Amplifiers and Receivers---REPAIRS

    Would anyone be able to suggest a dealer or individual in Maharshtra (eg Mumbai, Pune) who could repair a Rotel Amplifier that I have. It is at present lying with one leading dealer in Mumbai but their response is exteremely slow. Thanks Ravi Mehta
  11. E

    Need help - LG 42PT350R Plasma 2012 - Board failure

    Hi all, After almost 5 years of loyal service, my LG plasma died last week. Symptom: Display not turning on, clicking sound -> high frequency buzz -> clicking sound. This keeps repeating. No LED blinking. Contacted LG and the service person promptly came the next day. According to his...
  12. A

    Repair for a US bought Onkyo Reciever

    Hi All, I have a US bought Onkyo receiver (2011 model) which is no longer playing any sound. Onkyo India seems to have a policy of not servicing US bought models :sad:. Any suggestions on non Onkyo service centre's or freelance technicians who can repair Onkyo AV receivers in Hyderabad...
  13. H

    Need inputs for AVR HDMI board issue

    Hi, I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 551R AVR that was brought over from UK. The HDMI in/out stopped working recently and I was given a quote from a Dealer in Chennai for around 20K and a waiting period of 2 months for them to import the part. I have read in other international forums that...
  14. S

    Service technicians referral thread

    Hello friends, I am new to this forum. Can anybody help me for a good technician who can service my AV receiver. I am looking in Kochi or Trichur I got Onkyo AV receiver with wharfadale speakers. thanks John
  15. ShutterX

    Where to get Speaker Surround Foam?

    I have an old pair of Infinity SM-65s. The surround foams of the woofers have melted away due to age and decompsition. They still work fine so i wish to refoam them. Where can i get 6.5inch surround foam? And what kind of adhesive should i use? cheers
  16. ShutterX

    Amplifier Repair in Delhi

    I have acquired an old and Non-working Yamaha AX-350 Integrated amp. It powers up, the delayed click comes, but there is no sound and the volume button causes a distortion type sound. Where can i get it repaired? I am Based in Noida and would like to stick to Delhi NCR on this.
  17. P

    Magnepan vintage speakers repair in India?

    Hi, I need to have my Magnepan MG-IIIA speakers repaired. The tweeters are great since I replaced them with brand new ones from Magnepan in 2005 while I was still in the US. However both speakers need to have their midrange/bass mylar diaphragms replaced as well as their black "socks" (covers)...
  18. S

    For TT lovers of Kolkata

    Found this article in Telegraph on 19th and thought of sharing...It maybe of help to some of our members here .... Link
  19. M

    Volume pot. for Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp.......Help!

    Help..... i live in the middle of nowhere, have an MF A3cr preamp, with a broken volume pot.......to make matter worse, whilst i was away a friend thinking he was being helpful, had the unit repaired..... The pot that has been put in is very cheap, i do not have the original that was removed...
  20. S

    Any recommendation for service company here in bangalore for my squeezebox

    I have an old squeezebox (sb2) bought way back in 2005. Now it does not boot anymore. I am trying to get it repaired, but couldn't find anyone brave to open it up :P Can anyone recommend me someone who works with hi-fi systems or any other electronic systems, here in bangalore. thanks...