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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
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    how to reuse the AIWA speakers NSX S22HR

    Hi My dad has an AIWA 600watts fm/3cd changes/audio hifi system purchased nearly 12 years back in dubai. Main unit stopped working 4 years back and everything got shelved. just today when cleaning off the old stuff , found the speakers intact. Model number : NSX S22HR This is same...
  2. S

    Volume control for Akai AM-U04 Amplifier

    I recently got a vintage Akai AM-U04 Amplifier as a gift from a friend. The volume control of this unit does not work except at full volume. Anywhere in between causes a tremendous amount of ear splitting static. A local technician who looked at it said that the tracks on the PCB were all...
  3. L

    B&W 683 replacin the tweeter

    Hello there does anybody have a clue how to replace the tweeters on the b&w 683 or got any drawings or something??? thankful for all answers :)
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    TSky PVR HDD replacement - possible?

    Hi All, I have been using the HD PVR Tatasky box for more than 2yrs now and off late, while watching some recorded programs only, the STB freezes suddenly and after about 5 mins reboots and switches to default mode and works fine. This never happens while watching live content.. I...