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  1. anirban420

    Restoration of HMV STEREO 666 (1976)

    Way back in 1976, my father was then 21 years old boy. He owned a HMV STEREO 666 that time. HMV and PHILIPS record players were dominating the market that time. Mostly the budget players were highest selling. HMV STEREO 666 was also a budget player of that time. Its price was Rs. 1768/- only...
  2. ethan

    Vintage Aiwa P 30 Micro Power Amp Resto/Mod

    Alright!.. was commissioned a project on an Aiwa P 30 Power amp.The owner had shorted the output terminals of course by mistake and one of the STK 0050s blew up. Yes the amp was upgraded from a 0040 to a 0050 by the previous owner.The amp was purchased by the current owner from an audio...
  3. jls001

    Garrard 301 Oil Bearing - for restoration

    Due to the magnanimity of friends here on the forum, yesterday I became a proud owner of the legendary Garrard 301 idler drive transcription turntable. It came mounted on a large - but battered - 3/4 inch thick plywood plank, the "regulation" plywood box plinth having been discarded long...