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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. D

    Looking for a 49-55 inch tv with in a budget of 45k.

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking to purchase a 4k TV but I can't make up my mind. After doing days of research I'm even more confused now and not sure what to purchase. I'm confused between a few models and I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, thanks. 1. Sanyo Kaizen...
  2. swamytk

    A noob's review of Edifier R1280DB active speaker

    I use Edifier R1280DB active speaker for last three weeks. Being a noob it is my first good quality speaker. It is damn good upgrade from my earlier PC speaker setup. Better than my Philips Sound bar. It is very detailed and bass is enough for this size of speaker. First time I heard many new...
  3. haisaikat

    Youtube Review Channel for HFV

    Hi Everyone, for some time i have been thinking of this idea, thought its time to socialize and get feedbacks. We have lot of reviews being posted here on HFV including of new AV gears and also we have threads to showcase our setup. But AV gears and setups cannot be just measured in some stills...
  4. D

    GoldenEar, comes to Delhi. Audio nirvana?

    Word is that the first batch of shipment has arrived to the new Distributor. Really looking forward to hearing them in person after having read heaps of praises about them on the Internet. Remember this is Sandy Gross's third enterprise after Polkaudio and Definitive Technology. And although he...
  5. T

    Sennheiser HD 650 vs HD 800 Review

    Sennheiser's HD 800 - You nailed it Sennheiser! I'd like to clear a few things before you read the review. 1. Sennheiser India was kind enough to lend me their HD 800 for a home demo, for an undetermined length of time. Knowing fully well that I won't be buying them. As I can't afford them at...
  6. K

    Some really funny reviews

    Sit on a sofa before you read it cos you might fall of the chair. These Amazon, Flipkart Reviewers Really Hate Expensive Speakers - The Quint njoy:lol:
  7. B

    In search of a best floorstander !! - Experience & Reviews

    Hi folks, In spending quite an effort for last few years in identifying a best floorstanders for my preferences , I was sometimes let down because of my budget , mismatch of performance ( sound detailing, sonic quality etc.) Back when I started in 2008, I was just another guy in this part...
  8. V

    Marantz -getting service from authorized channel

    For those who are looking to buy receivers or products from marantz.. I thought i should share my experience dealing with dealer and service center which i would say is very poor. I had purchased a marantz 5006 receiver from Bass and Treble Gurgaon. After some time time it stopped working . I...
  9. heliumflight

    HiFi Review - Sound by Design

    On the outset, I like to pen down my listening impressing of a very long audition that took place recently at Sound By Design. Mr Siddharth Trehan is one of us and a passionate music lover and can be reached out for any of your HiFi needs. Sid, is such a welcoming and friendly person. He will...
  10. Rupam

    Norge Nano Bookshelf Speakers Rs. 7,750

    Just came to read this review. Norge Nano Review, Price in India, Specifications - AVMAX on Tech2 If the it performs as good as reviewer claims, then its a treat for budget conscious audiophiles. Indian companies came a long way but still we can't shed our inhibitions about them !
  11. R

    Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Review by Ranjeet Rain

    Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Review by Ranjeet Rain Introduction: As stated in the thread about "Hifi scene in Asia", I embarked upon a week long journey to audition various components that had long been on my "to-audition list". As I have summed up/will sum up in the thread, this audio-yatra was...
  12. Santy

    Gravity - a must watch

    One of the marvelous opening shot I have ever seen in a movie. Just when I was about to decide 3D is no more involving (rather distracting) this movie changed my mind. Great execution of 3D effects/moments. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney both have performed superbly though you could see less...
  13. ashokec

    Fenda - F&D F6000U 5.1 Speakers Review

    Here is a small review based on my experience with Fenda F&D 6000 U speakers Pros Good low frequency Response Good mid frequency Response Pro mode Front rear volume control Easy controls. Cons Poor high frequency response as it lacks tweeters in front and rear channels No...
  14. K

    YuLong Sabre DAC D18 Review.

    I finally received the YuLong Sabre DAC D18 (32bit 192Khz). I had been hunting for a good DAC for a long time. I heard quite a few DACs and most American ones were rather bright for Indian songs (Ilayaraja and AR Rehman) where our recording engineers seem to hi-light the highs. I also consulted...
  15. kartick

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs : A Review by Kartick Grover

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs by PROAUDIOHOME (Formerly known as Pristine Note) : Listening Impressions/Review by Kartick Grover I had read a few online reviews about Signature Acoustics C-12 which made me very curious about this indigenous offering. I had a very detailed...
  16. Rupam

    review Wharfedale 121

    Those who are going to buy Bookshelves, here is another winner from Wharfedale. Model 121 Priced at Rs. 20,000. Wharfedale Diamond 121 Bookshelf Speakers Here is a review of Wharfedale 121. review Wharfedale 121.pdf
  17. Rupam

    Denon 1513 and Wharfedale MS 100 Speaker

    Last week I brought Denon 1513 and Wharfedale MS 100 Speaker after asking this thread> Initially, I started with the idea of buying a Home Theater In A Box from Onkyo. But thanks to prosenjit of this forum, I thought as the sound quality was a main concern for me, I should go for separates...
  18. K

    Marantz NA7004 Review

    I have a Onkyo TX8050 and wanted to upgrade to a Audiophile Grade Streamer. So I went ahead and got the Marantz NA7004. NA7004 Is Great Sounding but is full of Basic Functionality Issues and software bugs. I don't know Why What*HiFi gave it 5 Stars. I guess someone should tell them what a...
  19. R

    Yamaha HPH-200 - Review by Ranjeet Rain

    Welcome Yamaha to the family of my audiophile class gear! Just picked up a Yamaha HPH-200 headphone. I own acclaimed headphones such as Sennheiser HD650, AKG 701 Signature Edition. What made me pick these phones? Will soon post my detailed impressions. Briefly speaking, bought these after 7...
  20. Rupam

    ishopinternational.com review

    Any FM using or know any feedback of this site? Are they trustworthy? I need to buy some DVDs. But I don't have credit cards. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks