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  1. kumarab

    New Song on the Eve of Friendship Day

    Another song I composed recently..dedicated to friends. Happy Friendship Day to all of you :) https://soundcloud.com/sunny-musicwithoutgenres/my-friend
  2. M

    Wanted Audio Cassettes

    Hi, I need audio cassettes, preferably Rock, Metal & Dance genres. Please let me know if you got and willing to sell. Thanks!
  3. kumarab

    Another Original Song - Dedicated to parents

    Another original song I wrote for my parents. It's called Shukriya. This is dedicated to all parents actually. Hope you guys like it. I shall be posting the link to the full downloadable album of all songs (old and new) in a few days. https://soundcloud.com/sunny-musicwithoutgenres/shukriya
  4. kumarab

    A Few of My Original Songs

    I have been inactive here for a while, due to reasons I won't bore you with:). Anyway, here are some of my original compositions that I'd like to share with you. The first 2 songs (Bitiya and Pari) are simple acoustic recordings on an el cheapo laptop mic, so the quality isn't very good, but I...
  5. D

    Best Blasting Speakers Under 10k

    Suggest me a speaker stereo speaker set under 10k INR. The sound quality should be great for EDM, dupstep and rock music. Required for in-house parties with heavy bass for grooving. I prefer online shopping so, give me the best price tag link. Thanks.
  6. RMCWS

    Wanted LPs of Classic Rock and some Hindi stuff

    I am looking for LPs of bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Doors, Santana, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix etc. and bands/ artists in the similar genre. Or can anyone point a shop/ seller in Calcutta from whom I can buy directly. And also looking for LPs Disco Dancer...
  7. K

    Wanted English music LPs

    Hey guys Just bought myself a basic turntable and i'm on the lookout for some English music LPs. Prefer classic rock or even alt rock and heavy metal. Anyone here that is selling please let me know! Thanks! ps: I live in Bangalore
  8. J

    Amp types (Tube/SS/Hybrid) preference for Rock/Hard Rock/Pop/Classical music

    Hi, I just wanted to get some opinion on your experience/preference of different Amp types - Tube/SS/Hybrid while listening to different genre of music like Rock/Hard Rock/Pop/Indian Classical Instrumental/Semi Classical/Indian Film music (Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam, old and new). As per my...
  9. denzong

    Floor Standing Speakers for Sansui

    Hi All, i want to know which are the best options for a floor standing speakers around the price range of 20K. max around 22k I want to pair these with Sansui AU 717 amp so they should power that kind of output. 3 way, etc... i tried to find out about a lot of them in various forums but...