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    Rotel Amplifiers and Receivers---REPAIRS

    Would anyone be able to suggest a dealer or individual in Maharshtra (eg Mumbai, Pune) who could repair a Rotel Amplifier that I have. It is at present lying with one leading dealer in Mumbai but their response is exteremely slow. Thanks Ravi Mehta
  2. R

    Arcam A 19 vs Rotel RA 1070

    Hi, everyone. This is my second post. Which do you think would be a better buy? Arcam or Rotel?
  3. S

    B&W 683 or Tannoy XT6F

    Hi, i am looking to buy my first hi-fi stereo system for music listening. My room size is 20 ft x 13 ft and I listen to a variety of stuff ...blues, classic rock, folk grass, indian fusion, selective bollywood stuff (to name a few of my favorite bands - Dire straits, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink...
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    For Sale Rotel RA 1520 Stereo Integrated Amplifier and Oppo BDP-93

    For sale are the following items which are in mint condition and hardly used as I had to travel overseas soon after these purchases. I would be traveling again in a quarter for even more longer duration and don't want to rest them throughout. 1. Rotel RA 1520 Int Amp with remote One Year...
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    Magnat Monitor Supreme 2000

    I'm planning to buy the Magnat Monitor Supreme 2000 FS soon. Tested them along with a few others and found these best suited to my liking Can i please get some help on whether I should get a stereo amplifier like the Rotel RA-10 of the Marantz PM 6004? Or should i go with an AVR? My usage is...
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    Rotels driving Dynaudio?

    Hi, In my continuing quest to find suitable amplification for Dynaudio Audience speakers I was recommended to check out the Rotel 1572 and 1550 together. Has anyone heard Rotel's combined with Dynaudio, particularly these two models? In my experience thus far I have never heard a Class D...
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    Rotel rsx-965 blues

    Hi Guys, this is my setup. 1) Rotel RSX-965 2)sony dvd player (2008 model) 3)Jamo s-408 speakers (front) 4) KEF monitor 100 centre 5)Profx bookshelves as rears. I have tried three different dvd player on the rotel and the optical/coaxial DTS signal doesnt seem to be decoding. I just...