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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. saurabhpach

    SOLD Velodyne Impact 12 Subwoofer in great condition

    Hey fellow enthusiasts, saga of sale forced by wife continues. On the line now is my beloved VELODYNE IMPACT 12 subwoofer. It’s been a great sub for movies and music specially for a small to midsized room. Tight bass and reasonably fast to keep up in most challenging situations. I bought it...
  2. V

    Wanted Sealed subwoofer for music upto 1L INR

    Looking for a high quality sealed subwoofer for stereo music to pair with my P3ESR. I am NOT looking for a HT sub that has 20hz rumble and stands out from the rest of the music. Looking for something like a high quality REL, JL Audio, at least Rhythmik, SVS SB series or similar sub that can...
  3. Bhoot

    Need Bass

    This post starts with a bit of a story. If you want to skip kindly start from BOLD CURRENT EQUIPMENT Well a few words about myself. I started my home theater setup from a Preowned 2004 model onkyo 7.1 speakers for a steal. The woofer didn’t sound that great so I picked up a paradigm woofer (8...