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  1. H

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CXR120 AV Receiver

    I am posting my Cambridge Audio CXR120 7.2 channel AV receiver for sale. I have to let this go as I am moving to a dedicated HT room with Atmos 7.2.2 setup so I need funding to buy a new 9.2 channel atmos AVR. I still have my old Cambridge Audio 551R AVR that still serves me well for my...
  2. A

    For Sale Weiliang Fully Assembled DAC AK4495

    I purchased a fully assembled DAC kit. The board is designed by Weiliang who is very famous in the DAC kit circuit. It comes with a AK4118 spdif and coaxial input chip and AK4495 dac chip. Both are high end chips. I used the XMOS U8 chip for the usb input which is again high end. Toroidal...
  3. J

    Emerald Physics CS3

    anyone here has heard these speakers or has any inputs on them? there is a new pair lying with a friend who wants to sell them hence started this thread on them as would like to know if anyone is interested in them. yes i can start a for sale thread, but given the very poor response for...
  4. MaSh

    For Sale Center Speaker

    For Sale is my Center speaker. Its a fantastic speaker of which you will not find any reviews online. Hence, to really know what this guy is capable of, I would invite you to come over with any movie of your choice to test it out. I would now allow the picture to talk. Front: Rear...
  5. ajinkya

    For Sale NAD D7050 and GoldenEar Aon 2 pair

    Selling a brand-new, unopened NAD D7050 digital amplifier and a pair of brand-new GoldenEar Aon 2 bookshelf speakers. One speaker is unopened, another has been opened to check dimensions for stands and again put back in box. All items are completely new, not played nor used, with original...
  6. eddie_fox

    For Sale KEF Q500s and KEF Q300s

    Hi all, Putting up for sale my 2 sets of speakers - KEF Q 500 (FS) and KEF Q300 (BS). Both the speakers are approximately 1.5 years old and bought from ProFX, Bangalore. Boxes are available, but I am not sure about the bills. The details of the speakers are as follows: 1. Pair of KEF...
  7. S

    For Sale Yamaha v473 receiver for sale

    For sale is my Yamaha v473 AV receiver. Product details here RX-V473 - AV Receivers/Amplifiers - Yamaha - India This is a fantastic receiver and rated as a top pick by Sound and Vision Top Picks AV Receivers | Sound & Vision Ownership history: I'm the first owner, bought it from Music Ranch...
  8. M

    For Sale Brand new Denon S-910W 7.2 AV Receiver

    Hi All, Purchased in Nov 2011 from Best Buy USA Reason for sale: Mentioned below. Cosmetic Condition : Still in Original Box with all packaging. Working Condition : Perfect 10/10 Price : RS 45000 Shipping: Local pickup only This Costed me Price 632$ ($579 + $53 Tax) Flight...
  9. S

    For Sale Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers and Magnat C250 Center speaker

    I want to put up my beloved Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers and the Magnat C250 center speaker for sale. I have the surrounds too but want to keep them for now. Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 towers are 3 way speakers with a warm sound and high sensitivity (92 db). They can be driven easily...
  10. A

    For Sale New Digiflip Pro XT911, 9-inch, 2GB TAB

    Hi All, My brand new Digiflip XT911 TAB is up for sell. This is a Flipkart's own brand having decent reviews and specification, Intel ATOM processor, Full HD 9 inch Display, 2GB RAM, 16 GB Internal storage, 3G (via Sim) & Wifi, dual camera etc. Kindly check the details specs on the below FK...
  11. A

    For Sale Pioneer AVR , BA Bookshelves, Polk Sub

    I am selling Following stuff Reason For Sale - Realised after buying that I have no time to use them.:sad: Pioneer VSX 329 K Age 1.5 Months Condition 10/10 Expected Price 16K (Current Price on Hifimart.com 21K) Boston Acoustics A25 Bookshelf Speakers Age 1.5 Months Condition...
  12. N

    Any idea of speakers @ Onkyo clearance sale?

    There seems to be some clearance sale at Onkyo, Chennai. Do any of you guys know what speakers they have for sale there and prices?
  13. D

    For Sale PS3 80 GB (Fat model) - With 4 games - Bangalore only

    I am putting up my used 80GB PlayStation 3 (Fat model) console for sale. Only offering it to people who can pick it up locally in Bangalore as I do not want the hassle of shipping. The sale includes the console, accessories and 4 games. Console - Model CECH-K08/D-80GB-PS3 Accessories -...
  14. C

    Cowon Open Box clearance sale

    Just got the email now. Very good prices on good DAPs like J3 8GB etc. Now In Stock
  15. K

    For Sale Onkyo SKS HT-230

    Hi, I am putting on sale my 5.1 surround system along with the AV receiver. This is an award winning speaker from Onkyo. I have heard many of the recent commercial all in one box solutions from onkyo, but nothing came close to the musicality of these speakers in my opinion. Model :Onkyo SKS...
  16. baijuxavior

    For Sale Full function Windows 8 XBMC HTPC

    For sale is my fully configured HTPC based on Windows 8 and XBMC installed on 1TB HDD. This is a full function HTPC, no installation or modification required, just connect the HDMI out to your TV or AVR to enjoy your favourite movies and music. Features The cabinet used is Antec Remote...
  17. J

    Interest check for 4 months old KEF Q300 and KEF Q100

    Dear Friends, I would like to put 2 pairs of KEF Q300 and 2 pairs of KEF Q100 up on sale here. Before starting a sale thread, I would like to do an interest check and get a good sale price to start. About the speakers Age : 4 months. Condition : Near Mint. One pair of Q300 has their...
  18. K

    For Sale Dynaudio X12

    Hi All, I have finally decided to part with my beloved dynaudio X12 speakers. Condition :8.5/10 (has normal usage scratches as indicated in the picture) Functionality -10/10 Reason for Sale -Upgrade ..... Current Price -75K Asking Price -45 K or best offer
  19. Hassan Khani

    For Sale Emotiva XPA-5, UMC-1 and Oppo DV-983H

    Hi, For sale is the below items: 1. Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 1(Expected price - 70K/-) A five channel amplifier with headroom has a power supply capable of peaking well beyond its continuous rating, making it extremely dynamic, while retaining clear imaging and detail. 200 watts into 8 ohms (300...
  20. O

    For Sale CD Player: Marantz CDP CD6003

    Marantz CDP CD6003 with all original accessories, remote, user manual and (edit: no original packing :() Mint Condition - no scratch, no scuff Purchased new w/o bill-warranty Used less than 50 hrs, [my rack is being cleaned weekly using vacuum] 100% working and no problem. Reason for sell: no...