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  1. esanthosh

    For Sale Emotiva Pre-Power Combo: USP-1 and UPA-2

    Items for Sale: Up for sale is my Emotiva USP-1 Pre-amplifier and UPA-2 Power Amplifier. I paid for them on 30th June, 2010 and actually got them on 12th August, 2010 via Borderlinx. Reason: Downgrading to Headphones and IEMs Condition: 9/10. No scratches that I can detect. Largely unused...
  2. H

    For Sale XBOX 360 Game - Oblivion (Game of the year edition)

    Hey AM selling the XBOX game "The ELDER SCROLLS - OBLIVION (Game of the year edition)" Its a 2 CD set that includes "shivering isles " and "Knights of Nine" Add ons. This game was rated the best RPG game on a lot of sites , and scores 9.6/10 on gamespot.com, ign and others. The Cds...
  3. H

    For Sale Used Altec Lansing FX5051 5.1 Setup

    Hey! I have an Altec Lansing Fx5051 5.1 Speaker setup that i was using, till i decided to upgrade and go into the "build my component" setup. I am hoping this sale and a little bit more of Vitamin M will net me a subwoofer The System is approx 2yrs old. I picked it up because it was Altec...
  4. B

    Mac Mini for sale!!!!!!

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  5. G

    What makes the difference AVR or Speakers?

    Hello Friends, I have a 5 home theater system with Sony STRDB870 coupled with Sensei Speakers (2 Floor Standing, 2 Rear, 1 center but no subwoofer). I have connected my TataSky+, Wii, Asus Oplay Air, & Phillips DVD Player and even though many appreciate the sound from my setup, I doubt the...
  6. V

    Speaker pricing

    Used speaker pricing query - advice required Hi everyone. I have a pair of Energy e:XL26 speakers. I am planning to sell them. They are sparingly used (really!) and are about 6 years old. I bought them in Dubai and shipped them to Bangalore. I am selling because I find them interfering...
  7. P

    For sale: Bose headphones

    Hi guys, I am selling my 18 months used Bose Around the Ear headphones. Needless to explain the efficiency of this pair.. Highly musical for the price and if not for upgrade reasons, I would've never thought of selling them.. Performance: 10/10 Cosmetic condition: 7/10 (general wear...
  8. P

    Shipping Costs

    Can someone please tell me the approximate cost for shipping a 5.1 speaker system from Delhi to Karnataka. if you can even tell me the rates or slabs, I would be happy to do the math. I know it is a lame question but I have someone interested in buying my 5.1 speaker system and unfortunately...
  9. surendar

    For Sale Blu-ray Movies (Lot #2)

    Imported Blu-ray Discs Following imported blu-ray discs for sale. Price does not include shipping charges. 1.Wanted (Rs 1100, US Import, Brand New, Region free) 2.Tokyo! (Rs 1000, US Import, Brand New, Region free) 3.Forrest Gump 2 Disc Special Edition (Rs 800, UK Import, Brand New...
  10. surendar

    For Sale The Third Man Criterion Collection DVD (Brand New)

    Rare and out of print 'The Third Man' 2 disc Criterion Collection DVD in brand new condition. Factory sealed pack. Region 1. Expected price Rs 2200 (including shipping to destinations in India) Front Back
  11. surendar

    For Sale Blu-ray Movies

    The following blu-ray titles are for sale. 1) Black Hawk Down ( Sealed Pack, UK Import, Zone Code = A,B,C) 2) The Last Samurai ( Sealed Pack, UK Import, Zone Code = not mentioned) 3) The Fall ( Unsealed, UK Import, Zone Code = B ) The blu-ray cases has very minor damage in the top right...
  12. psychotropic

    For Sale Usher S520 and NAD C320BEE

    Usher S520 - Some background As you will know from my thread on the best speakers under 20k, I found the Usher S520s (that cost anywhere between 22k and 24k depending on your bargaining skills) to so far outclass anything under 20k that I decided to go in for them. They are superbly...
  13. N

    Onkyo HT-S990THX For Sale

    Dear Friends, I have a sparingly used Onkyo HT-S990THX certified home theater system which i would like to sell it. The system is great and is like new. It is one of the best systems which is THX certified. Following are the items which is part of HT-S990THX 1. Full size A/V...