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Wharfedale Speakers
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    Auditioning Salk

    Hi, After having come across a few descriptions of Salk systems, I'm pretty eager to audition it. Since they are internet-direct, I can only hope to do so, if anyone is kind enough to let me listen to their systems. Please do let me know if anyone has a SALK with them, in India &...
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    First ever Salks (SongTower QWT) in India

    Fellow Audiophiles After 6 months on intensive research and hunting, I am finally happy (and very much relieved) to say that I am the proud owner of the first ever Salk Sound speakers (SongTowers QWT) in India. :yahoo: Now I am not as knowledgeable as most of you or even close to having an...
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    SalkSound HT2-TL and HT2C

    Received my custom-made Salk HT2-TL and HT2C speakers last week. In summary, these speakers are truly phenomenal and strongly recommended for anyone looking in this - or higher - price range. Here is a link to my short review, as well as comparison to the Salk SongTowers: And life is good...
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    Axiom M60 or Monitor Audio RX6

    Hi guys I am finally getting together my first HT setup :yahoo: and would like some advise of the veterans here. I am going for the marantz sr7005 as my receiver and will be using a panasonic plasma as my display. I need to decide between Axiom M60s or Monitor Audio RX6 as my main...