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samsung plasma

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  1. R

    Lots of Confusions. Help needed for buying TV.

    Hi Need to buy a tv 32-43 inches. Will be used mostly for set top box SD & HD Channels and occasionally BR rip movie sizing around 700mb.Viewing distance is less than 6 feet. and room is closed one so no external light only tube light. Now do I need a FHD ??? or simply HD ready will be...
  2. D

    Canton gle 490 or paradigm monitor 11

    I am planning to buy canton gle 490 or paradigm monitor 11. Which is a better buy ? This will be full 5.1 set up Set up: Samsung plasma 65" E series Denon avr 2312 Denon BDP 2012
  3. vramak

    LG plasmas and Image Retention

    How does image retention look on LG plasmas and how often is it noticed ? On my Samsung B450, I've seen some image retention in high contrast scenes but the image doesn't leave a replica ghost image. It leaves rather a film-negative-like image retention of the original image - whites will be...
  4. C

    42" Plasma - how good is LG PJ series

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie here and this is my first post. I am planning to buy a 42" Plasma TV and after wasting lot of time on Google and American review site, came across this website. I am wondering why it didn't come up in Google earlier?? Anyway, I read through many threads on this...
  5. H

    42" Plasma : Panasonic C10 Vs LG PQ60 Vs Samsung B430

    I have zeroed down to my screen size(42) and technology(Plasma) preference after a lot of research and now I have shortlisted 3 models which suit my budget.(<50K) My usage : 60% - Tata Sky + Normal DVD 30% - PS3 Gaming 10% - Blu Ray Movies Your opinions are welcome on: 1. Image...