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  1. chetansha

    For Sale Samsung-860-EVO-500GB-M-2-SATA-Internal-SSD

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: https://www.samsung.com/us/computing...b-mz-n6e500bw/ Expected Price: Rs.8,000 Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Ebay.com Reason for Sale: Bought it by mistake, Wanted NVME. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition...
  2. T

    Samsung 32J4003 USB pin bent/half broken :(

    Folks, I ordered a 90 degree USB adapter and got it yesterday. Out of excitement, I tried putting it in Samsung LED and in the process the USB last two pins bent downwards. Little did I know that this USB has open pins without any bottom support. Now I am left with only one unusable USB port...
  3. M

    LG 49LJ617T Vs Samsung 49K5570

    Hello Friends, I am looking for 49/50 inch LED Full HD smart TV and have zeroed on 2 models. LG 49LJ617T Vs Samsung 49K5570 LG 49LJ617T is being offered for 79,000/- as being 2017 model. I haven't yet negotiated. There is 2,500 cashback on HDFC Credit card and 3 to 4000 on exchange. This is...
  4. dolfin

    Samsung UHD Movie Pack Review

    If you have bought a UHD TV this year, one question that might hunt is what about UHD content? Seriously, official presence of UHD content in India is absolutely nothing. Given the lack of internet bandwidth, watching online is ruled out. One might download demo clips and short documentaries...
  5. dolfin

    72 Hours with Samsung KS7000

    I had to change my TV this year. I had been scanning the internet ever since 2016 lineups were announced in CES. I was particularly interested in LG UH850T and Samsung KS7000. The former for Dolby Vision & 3D and the later for UHD Premium Certification (associated hardware features). Around July...
  6. S

    Samsung KS7000 - scratches on a new tv

    I recently purchased a Samsung 55 inch KS7000. It has great picture quality and is probably the best flat TV in Samsung's 2016 line up. The packed TV comes with a large sticker on the left edge of the screen (if you stand facing it). When the sticker was removed, I noticed large...
  7. D

    Samsung 2016 models no Flat panel?

    Hi I was going through Samsung UHD products in India for 2016 (in their site). I see the new models (series KS) are available only in Curved model and no flat panel. Also one of the popular product globally is KS8000 Flat panel, which they have not released in India. Does anyone have any...
  8. P

    Trouble with my SR6005 and 51E8000

    Hello, My AVR and TV broke couple of months ago as below: 1. I started getting randomly missing green color on right 1/10th of my Plasma screen 2. After replacement of Motherboard under warranty for my TV, always had random blank screens through HDMI input. Thought its poor HDMI board...
  9. A

    Samsung 64F8500 (not repairable) - depreciated refund even though under warranty!

    Hi, I had issues with my Samsung 64F8500 where the power light would switch on but the picture wouldn't come on . The Samsung service people came three times, each time telling some or the other thing is gone and the third time, they told that panel is gone. I had the same issue about a year...
  10. S

    Need advice to choose between this TV models (48"-50")!

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a 48" - 50" TV and visited a few showrooms in my area. I shortlisted this models 1. Sony W800C 50" - Rs 84000 2. Samsung 50J5570 50" - Rs 84000 3. Sony W700C 48" - Rs 73000 I can bargain for 2-4k less. So, please do advise which model is great in...
  11. S

    Television buying advice 48 to 50 inches

    Hi, I am confused and looking to buy good tv 48 inches and above , I will buy offline from pune city /online, and can spend max upto 70k. TV must have good picture quality full HD :licklips: and decent sound :yahoo:. 3d/smart tv/4k optional,not required :indifferent14:. below are some...
  12. N

    Wanted A Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550

    Hi, I am looking for a Panel Dead Samsung Plasma PS51D550/E550. PM me if anyone looking to sell it in Mumbai
  13. drkavint

    50w900b or 55h6400

    as the price war started, i would like to upgrade my samsung 51 inch full hd plasma to the following models 1. samsung 55h6400 or sony 50w900b samsung is 55 inch costing 85k, but sony is 50 inch costing 96k...(local shop).. kindly give ur opinions pal...
  14. W

    Specs say TV supports 5.1 but no digital output! How do I connect?

    I purchased a series 5 Samsung ua40j5100. On their website this Tv apparently supports Dolby and DTS 5.1. However there is no spdif or coax or hdmi arc out. It only has a mini jack audio out! How in the world can i get 5.1 out of this??? :sad: I even called customer care so many times but...
  15. J

    Samsung J5500 vs Sony R482B

    I am planning to buy a 40/42" LED TV and I am very much confused b/w Sony's R482b and Samsung's J5500. Sony has semi-smart tv with built-in wifi, fm radio but no smart app features whereas Samsung has smart tv on offer with all smart features, plus special cricket, movie sound modes. On...
  16. S

    Group Buying - Samsung 64F8500 Plasma

    Hi , I am interested in buying the samsung plasma. I know like me most of you might be. Starting this thread to negotiate for a good group discount . Please update in the following format Name - City - <<PhoneNo if you wish to share >> accordingly we can negotiate with dealers . PS: I...
  17. P

    Spots on the TV

    Hi, I can see a series of black spots on the TV. Can anyone help me in understanding cause of this spots
  18. Z

    Damaged Samsung LE32A556P1F, help needed

    Hello there, 'LL get straight to the point with this, since it's urgent. A friend of mine, who lives in a tiny house, accidentally tripped on the power cable of his 32" Samsung Lcd tv and caused it to drop on the floor. After plugging it back, the display was a mess of rolling colors, with...
  19. H

    Soundbar? 2.1??

    Hi guys, Total audio virgin looking for advice so please be as patient and detailed as possible. Facts of the case: Looking for a solution to improve my TV's sound quality (LG 55LA6910). Dialogue clarity is more important than surround sound. Will also use for listening to music...
  20. S

    Latest prices (November 2014) of Samsung LED TV in Gaffar market

    Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5100) : 29 K Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5140) : 30.5 K Samsung 40 inch LED (Smart TV) : 36 K Samsung 32 Inch LED : 15.5 K These are sold without bill and warranty. Recommend to use Belkin Surge Protector with your new LED TV to protect it from getting...