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  1. prepress

    SOLD Sansui AU-6500 Amplifier- Price revised for quick sale.

    Hi friends, OK, As I had mentioned in my last sale post that I'll post some amplifiers soon. Here it is, Sansui AU-6500, a very well known amplifier from Sansui. Don't look on the wattage, I had read that The older Sansui amps are very conservative on wattage, and it seems true. It sounds like...
  2. frend2001

    Sansui AU D707 ( AU819 ) on it's way

    The itch got better of me. It is against all logical submissions but when were we logical in first place. The passion of music reigns over anything but music only. It's JDM product and is just about to touch Indian shore. Internationally it is renamed as Sansui AU 819. It is one of the last...
  3. spandan414

    For Sale Sansui AU-D907 (AU-919) Limited

    Hello Folks, This sale is for a very rare 'Sansui AU-D907 Limited' Integrated Amplifier. Sansui AU-907 is a Japanese domestic model and is known as AU-919 in the international market. This is a Limited version and very hard to find in the international market. The unit that I have is in perfect...
  4. K

    Servicing an old stereo amplifier in Pune

    Hi, I would like to know if you could kindly suggest a good technician in PUNE who could repair an old Sansui stereo amplifier. It is like 20 years old and, while the speakers make some noise when connected, most of the tone controls including balance do not work. I guess I need someone...
  5. Kaushiknitin

    Sansui TU series tuners

    Hello, Is any of the forum members willing to let go of a vintage Sansui tuner. My preference is TU 317. thanks
  6. C

    Sansui P-M900

    I have had a Samsui stereo system since the early 1980s with a P-M900 auto reverse turntable, amplifier, tuner and dual cassette player. Can anyone help me determine its value?
  7. Santy

    For Sale Sansui AU- D7 vintage amp (80W x 2)

    Hi guys Up for sale is a vintage integrated amp, Sansui AU-D7. I paid Rs. 12k to buy it from FM Hemantwaghe few months back. Its in very good working condition and for its age, cosmetically too good without any scratches on its face plate. It spits 80W raw power per channel and it can...
  8. shaunak

    The Sansui P-M7 Project

    Hey guys, Looking up old stuff in the house I found an old TT and a few lps from the 60s-80s. I cleaned up the TT and tried to power it up, but like I'd guessed, nothing. Everything seems alright (no moving parts inside) but it refuses to power up. Now I could just go get a new one but I...
  9. denzong

    For Sale Sansui AU 717 & Kenwood A 85

    Hi All, i am putting in my Sansui AU 717 & Kenwood A 85 amps for sale. Reason is very simple: Upgrade I had bought them used from forum members. have serviced the Sansui to almost new conditions (through Akshay Jha, you can ask him) and the Kenwood did not need any servicing at all as its fine...
  10. kapvin

    For Sale Sansui AV Reciever RZ7700AV

    Hey this is my first post in this section, so apologies if there are any rule infringements (and please point them out) Okay here goes. For Sale Sansui RZ7700AV reciever purchase in june 2000 (or therabouts). Used till 2005 as the main system and then till june 2007 as a secondary...