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Mogami Cables
  1. D

    Looking for a 49-55 inch tv with in a budget of 45k.

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking to purchase a 4k TV but I can't make up my mind. After doing days of research I'm even more confused now and not sure what to purchase. I'm confused between a few models and I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, thanks. 1. Sanyo Kaizen...
  2. krishnadeva

    Sanyo 49" IPS panel

    1+1 extended warranty released on amazon.in 2USB+2HDMI @ 35K. Is this a good brand. Sanyo is Japanese, so it would be good ? they are advertising it to be no issues on the panel for 10years and 1+1 product warranty. Should I go for Sanyo or Infocus at 30K Innolux panel ? Plan to...
  3. R

    STK Hybrid ChipAmp Board for my nephew

    My nephew(cousin's son) was here in Singapore with me for few days and he is a 14year old. After seeing my speakers and some DIY stuff, he was very excited to do a bit of stuff back home... He wanted to do something with decent power (read 30+ Watts per channel). I can't suggest him Tripath...
  4. neel

    Projector replacement ideas

    I have a Sanyo PLV Z1 which was an instant hit in 2002/3 (capable of handling 1080i input on its 964x544 res). Happily running it with the second bulb. I am thinking of moving to a decent 1080p (1920x1080 res) projector with a budget of around 80K. Any suggestions. Are there places to...