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satellite speakers

  1. pratzgh1

    Replacing Z2300 Satellite Speakers

    Hey Guys, Revisiting the site after a long time and realised the fun I've been missing on. I own a Logitech Z2300 and absolutely love them. The problem is that they've aged and the satellite speakers gave up. In the midst to at least have some audio from my PC, I chose to get a...
  2. G

    Urgent: Matching Surrounds For Bronze 5 Monitor Audio

    Hi, I had almost placed the order for the Bronze 5 set of 5.1 but after looking at the size of the Bronze FX surrounds My Mom didnt want it :indifferent14: She thinks its will look too odd in our living room as its too big and right at the eye level, unfortunately this eye level is also...
  3. B

    Denon X1200w

    Hi Guys, I'm new to home theater platform...so I would need some suggestions from the experienced guys out here...I recently bought Denon x1200w AVR for which I'm looking out for a decent 5.1 speaker system....I'm not looking for tower speakers....I''m looking only for satellite...
  4. R

    Suggestion on satellite speakers for 5.1.2 setup

    Hello all, This is my first ever post on any AV forum !! I have been craving for a good home theater setup for at least about 10 years, but couldn't actually make it happen due to several reasons. Finally, I moved to my new flat, and have all the provisions ready. :yahoo: Looking for a...
  5. E

    5.1 Satellite HT for bedroom: MA Apex 5.1 vs B&W MT 50 vs B&W MT-60D Budget 3-4 lacs

    Hi everyone! It's been some time since I was last active on the forum (2012 to be exact). Back then, I purchased my first (proper) HT consisting of the following: B&W CM9 x2 B&W CMC2 centre B&W DS3 surrounds Denon 4520CI AVR Velodyne SPL 1200 Ultra I had it all connected to Samsung 51"...
  6. ketansethi1987

    DIY: 2.2 setup

    Friends! I have made a 2.2 setup with the following components: 1. 2 woofers 2. 2 satellites 3. 1 2 channel amp 4. 2 2-way crossovers My problem is the satellites are producing distortion at high volume. I know the problem is with the cross over which is 2 way for high and low...