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  1. A

    Screen suggestion for UHD50x

    Hi all, I bought this projector recently. I'm not exactly satisfied with its color accuracy and its black levels are poor as well. I'm currently projecting it on a white screen. Pardon my ignorance as this is my first projector but would changing the screen to grey improve the contrast? My room...
  2. N

    TV - Demand a Glossy Screen for Your Money

    It is important to consider that no current TV has a glossy screen except the high-end Samsung's QLED and Sony/LG's OLED. A glossy screen is required to make the colours pop and enjoy watching for a long time without eye strain. They can still have some light coatings to avoid glass-like full...
  3. R


    As suggested by i a member im creating this thread trying to DIY a curved projector screen This is what i found on youtube is this a correct way to make or can somebody guide me with a proper way to build and materials to use! Thanks in advance!
  4. R

    Thank you.....this is a fantastic forum !!

    I have been a frequent visitor to this forum over the past few months....just reading and soaking a lot of information. During the construction of my house over the last 1 year, I had reached out a audio/video 'consultant' and had wired the entertainment room (size is 18 ft x 14 ft). Based...
  5. prashant141986

    Good projector screen for Epson TW8200

    Hi, I am new to this forum, don't have much blogging experience. I have Tw8200 projector, I am using local screen for it. I am planning to buy good screen around 10-15k range and 100 inches. a) I stay in rented house so pull down should be good option? B) Confused in below...
  6. S

    Liberty Grandview Screen locking is not working

    I took Liberty Grandview screen from Sanghavi Impex shop in bangalore. with in 5 months its auto locking system is broken. Now it is totally freely moving and not stoping. I called shopper about this he said that there is no gurantee on product and for repair it has to pack and send to the...
  7. D

    suggest screen for Benq W1070

    Hi, My room is having 12' distance from sitting position to screen and max 7.5' wall where I can put my screen. Planning to get Benq W1070 projector and a 90" pull down screen that I'll put on the 7.5' wall. Room gets less than normal ambient light and is fairly dark during day as well...
  8. V

    Projector screen Dilemma :(

    Hi Guys, Midway making my HT room The projector screen is now my dilemma. I can achieve a diagonal of 120" i suppose So il summarize incase you dont the want to read below Go in for 1. Matt white wall 2. Manual pull down instalock screen 3. Motorized screen 4. Fixed frame screen...
  9. S

    For Sale Stewart 110" diagonal Luxus projector screen

    Hello All. I have for sale a very good projector screen. The screen is made by Stewart, one of the leading screen manufacturers in the world, and is a Luxus Screenwall series screen with Greyhawk Reference material. It is a fixed/tab-tensioned screen and the diagonal dimension is 110 inches. All...
  10. S

    Help for finding the right screen for Epson 3d Projector(5020UB)

    Hi Friends, Need you suggestion for choosing the screen for my projector (EPSON 5020UB), its a 3D-HD projector. I have a dedicated room for the same and its possible for me to put a fixed screen. Someone is suggesting that I should go for a 1.8 GAIN cloth and that should do it for me. What...
  11. Santy

    Curved Smartphones?

    I could not understand what's the idea behind it. What's the advantage? I could trace one website with this info. It seems to be like one of the useless Japanese inventions. Its not terribly difficult to touch the main button instead. I also think curved screen will be quite uncomfortable...
  12. S

    Experience of setting up my projector screen

    I want to share some of my experiences procuring and setting up my projector screen. I hope it can help someone else who is in the same boat as i was. 1. My projector is Epson 6100 and the placement is about 12 feet away from the screen. I first bought the projector, projected the image on the...
  13. S

    Reg. a new home theater setup for 26*19 room size

    hello guys, i am trying to setup a home theater at my place. The room size is 26*19 and the height is 12ft. I need suggestions from u guys as to which projector is good fr a room of such size and what type of screen n size of it, which kind of avr, speakers and all...help is really appreciated...
  14. Z

    My Home theatre (Shortlist of devices) please suggest

    Hi. Im new to this site.This is my first thread. Im happy to be here. Nice to meet you all. Im an audio/video enthusiast. I am planning to setup a home theatre. So i would like to know how much it would cost for setting up a decent home theatre ? I have shorlisted these audio/video products...
  15. K

    Need Help in Deciding on a Projector Screen

    I am planning to set up a Home theatre in Mumbai in my living room and not a dedicated room unfortunately. But In Mumbai it seems there are limited option for Screens. I will be using a Panasonic Ae 4000 3Lcd projector mostly or the Epson 8350 & the viewing distance is around 10 -11 feet. I...
  16. Raghav

    How you made/are making Home Theater Room?

    Recently, many members on the forum have started making their Home Theater room. Also many already have impressive Home Theaters in use. I thought of having a dedicated thread to compile the experience of all those who have made / are making Home Theater rooms. All are requested to share their...