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  1. nizarp

    Sennheiser HD 280 PRO @ 3999/- (Today's offer on Amazon)

    There is an offer going on Amazon for Sennheiser HD 280 PRO. In case if anyone interested - Buy Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Headphones (Black) Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in
  2. A

    Wanted Headphones: KossPortaPro or Sennheiser PX100-II or similar

    Hi Friends! I am on the look out for a perfect condition lightly used budget headphone. My preference is either the Koss PortaPro or Sennheiser PX100-II. I need something extremely light and easy to travel with so if any one has these lying around please PM me. I am open to similar...
  3. V

    Wanted HEADPHONES - Sennheiser HD650/700 OR Equivalent

    Hi, I am a newbie to Audiophile world. Having recently discovered the beauty of Sennheiser ie8's ...I want to continue my journey further.:yahoo: I want to buy: Sennheiser HD650 /700 Or a similar headphones for home listening. I prefer non fatiguing , but detailed sound with bass...
  4. T

    HD 700 v/s HD 650

    Sennheiser HD 700 - Sennheiser's Queen In 2016 Sennheiser was kind enough to lend me their HD 700 for a home demo. And as you know, I already own the HD 650 (silver drivers) to compare them to. And thankfully, Sennheiser has also agreed to lend me their HD 800 in a few days, for a more thorough...
  5. N

    Suggested Setup to Feed Sennheiser HD650

    i bought Sennheiser HD650. my source is laptop inspiron 15R windows 7 right now. i need a DAC , Amp or Combo to pair the Sennheiser HD650 with my laptop. can u suggest the best setup.
  6. Z

    Sennheiser Headset with Mic works with Nokia phones?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to ask a simple question. I was window shopping in a local Reliance Time Out, and happened to notice a Sennheiser MM 50 headset with mic. It looks similar to this. The packaging mentioned, it was meant for use with iPhone. When I asked the saleswoman there, whether it...
  7. arin

    Setup PC mixing studio on budget

    I am planning to make a short movie(Non commercial) and I am already on a tight budget after spending money on video equiptments and other stuffs. The script is almost ready. The recoding shall be at local media college and I am planning to do the mixing of background score and few songs...
  8. R

    sennheiser px100 in mumbai

    Can any one tell me the name, address, tel no etc. of the shop in India, preferably in Mumbai, where I can buy the headphone sennheiser px100 and its price in Indian Rupees if possible.
  9. J

    What headphones help

    Folks, I am looking for a pair of full sized headphones for home use. These will be driven off either the headphone out of a Marantz PM7001 or off a dedicated headphone amp. The traits I am looking for are: - fairly neutral sound signature (similar to dynaudio speakers) - bass should be...