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AV Cables
  1. S

    How much power does your speaker need - power vs sensitivity

    Hi folks, Here is a table (scroll down on that page a little) that tells you the power needed to get a certain output SPL for a speaker of a given sensitivity. Please take a look. Goes to show how important speaker sensitivity is, if you have limited power at your disposal. My preferred movie...
  2. ashokec

    Please suggest some high sensitivity low cost speakers

    Hi I am setting up a 20 W amp. I wanna buy speakers for it with high sensitivity(>89dB) with 4 ohm. Could somebody suggest some low cost speakers for it. Regards Ashok
  3. A

    Sensitivity of Speakers?

    Hello friends, Most recently one of our Fm's was mentioning about the Sensitivity of the Speakers, before that i thought "Its a dry area" to look on speaker selection. Later i read some articles and understood some information on Sensitivity and How Sensitivity can impact the speaker...