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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. umapati

    Denon 1713 giving trouble

    Hi.. I am from Mumbai & I have purchased Denon AVR model 1713+Wharfdale Home theater Model DX-1HCP in 2013 I am facing problems with the Denon AVR which needs service. 1- It frequently switches to Audessy mode automatically 2- Out of 4 HDMI input ports, only one is working. can anyone please...
  2. R

    Servicing old hi-fi gear in Delhi

    Does anybody know a place in Delhi that can repair old stereo gear? I have a NAD pre-amp and a Yamaha integrated amp that need TLC. Many thanks.
  3. A

    Repair for a US bought Onkyo Reciever

    Hi All, I have a US bought Onkyo receiver (2011 model) which is no longer playing any sound. Onkyo India seems to have a policy of not servicing US bought models :sad:. Any suggestions on non Onkyo service centre's or freelance technicians who can repair Onkyo AV receivers in Hyderabad...
  4. J

    Reliable LED TV repair shops in Chennai

    Hi Folks, My LG LW5700 LED is not starting and the power LED is just blinking slowly. Mostly looks like the mainboard or powersupply is gone. Since the warranty was over long back, I would like to get it repaired through local shops. Are there any good reliable LED repair shops in Chennai...
  5. S

    Service technicians referral thread

    Hello friends, I am new to this forum. Can anybody help me for a good technician who can service my AV receiver. I am looking in Kochi or Trichur I got Onkyo AV receiver with wharfadale speakers. thanks John
  6. V

    Marantz -getting service from authorized channel

    For those who are looking to buy receivers or products from marantz.. I thought i should share my experience dealing with dealer and service center which i would say is very poor. I had purchased a marantz 5006 receiver from Bass and Treble Gurgaon. After some time time it stopped working . I...
  7. Santy

    homeshop18.com: Live update on the ordeal

    So, I was looking to get this HU (JVC KD-R90 BT) and I saw it on homeshop18.com which had listed this item for sale citing 'available in stock' I know these people might have not updated the inventory so I sent a mail asking them to confirm the stock. After 3 days, they reverted that the...
  8. anubisX

    Anyone Willing To Buy From Amazon @ Purana Exchange Rate ?

    Hello everyone, you might've seen my thread other thread created in July when I bought an iPhone and USPS stole the phone. Anyways, the good news is that the seller has refunded me partially as he only had the phone insured for a partial amount only :( Stupid him !! So, I have that in my Amazon...
  9. S

    Any recommendation for service company here in bangalore for my squeezebox

    I have an old squeezebox (sb2) bought way back in 2005. Now it does not boot anymore. I am trying to get it repaired, but couldn't find anyone brave to open it up :P Can anyone recommend me someone who works with hi-fi systems or any other electronic systems, here in bangalore. thanks...
  10. H

    An ordeal with Swish India (Bangalore). A bitter experience.Buyers Be Very Aware!

    I havent posted in Hifi Vision in a long time. But I do owe what little I know of Hifi, to this forum. I hope this post ensures other members or new members do their due diligence before buying or interacting with people who put themselves up as dealers of a particular brand, and then refuse...
  11. S

    B&W Service Centre

    Hi, Any one knows contact / address of B&W auth service center in India (pref. in Bangalore)? I need to get my C5 fixed :( Regards...Surya
  12. saurabhpach

    Marantz Service Centre In hyderabad/CHennai

    I guys , anybody aware of the marantz service centre in hyderabad / chennai / bangalore. I have a small issue with my amplifier. pls hurry, i'm missing it too much.
  13. M

    Service/Repair for Boston Acoustics in Delhi

    Hi, I am looking for a Service / Repair center for Boston Acoustics in Delhi. I had purchased the Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 home theater system from Delhi earlier this year. The dealer I purchased from has now disappeared !! My problem is that the subwoofer stopped working a few...
  14. s2nseek

    Subwoofer JBL L8400P (Black Ash - 120V) Service

    There was a blast in a transformer close to our house and next thing I know DP switch was out. Alas, my luck ran out of running this beast with recent power surge. Ironically the system was switched off but plugged in through a servo step down stabilizer (circuits blown out) and Monster Power...
  15. L

    Logitech Service Complaint Letter..learn from my experience

    Sir, My name is Leftysax and I have a sad sad story to tell. I purchased the Logitech MX5500 Keyboard + Mouse Combo approximately 7 months back. As one of the most expensive peripheral purchases I have made, this combo gave me endless hours of enjoyment. However, almost overnight, the MX...