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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
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    Help to buy 5KVA, 3 phase servo voltage stablizer for my home

    Yesterday was ended with horrible experience in my building. In short, voltage raised to such a extent that all CFL in my house just exploded, all working devices except Plasma TV, power amp, refrigerator. Everything rated 450V too burnt with sweet smelling smoke. Few people in the building lost...
  2. R

    Power Fluctuation between 210V to 230V - do i need to invest in CVT/servo

    Have been doing lot of reading about CVT/servo transformers in this forum which has been discussed many times. Started measuring the power fluctuations in my area in bangalore south to see how bad or how good is it. In a given hour it varies about +/- 10V. At 6pm - 210V At 7pm -...