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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. N

    Upgrade to Bigger Panel TV - Sharp Vs Toshiba Vs Your Suggestion

    Hey Tech folks, I need to upgrade to a newer featured 32" TV from the existing Sony BX300 32" TV. If we see the prices for Toshiba or Sharp, they are much less than other brands like the Samsung, LG or Sony (excluding the Chinese assembled brands like Micromax etc). Though I know both...
  2. D

    US bought Sharp TV suddenly stopped working with Tata Sky Set top Box

    Hello all, I would appreciate any help. Here is the brief problem statement: I bought a Sharp TV from USA last year and connected it through HDMI cable to Tata Sky Set top box in India. It worked perfectly fine. Absolutely no problems. And few days back I had to change my TV stand...
  3. N

    42 Inch LED TV - Go with popular models or non-popular ones?

    Need to buy a 39-42 inch TV. Full HD (No 3D, No Smart) Have almost shortlisted LG 42 inch LB5610, which costs around 53-56K in Bangalore. However when I visited a few shops in Bangalore, saw Sharp 39LE355 for 29-33K. I could not find any difference in the picture quality. Brands like Ondia...
  4. K

    Suggestions on buying 32 inch LED within 30k

    Hi Guys, I saw a Sharp Aquos model - 32le550m model whose PQ was really good.. But i am not sure whther to go with it as i don't know about the After sales service in chennai. Please suggest me on this whether to go with this or any other model?
  5. G

    60'' to 70'' TV - Grey market price please

    Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a 60 to 70 inch TV. Plasma/LCD/LED no bar. Company/brand no bar. 1)What is the cheapest price [just a ballpark] for a TV that big? 2) Any dealers from gaffar market that you could recommend? 3) Has anyone used SHARP? What is your view of SHARP vs...
  6. G

    Suggestions wanted for LED TV

    Guys this is my first post in HiFiVision. I am really confused about a LED TV that I plan to buy this week. The size is (given my room size, viewing distance would be from 7-10 feet) is 40" and the budget is 50-60K. A disclaimer right at the start: I've been using a SOny TV for the past 14...
  7. V

    What best to use with a Sharp LC40F22E TV

    Hi, I am fairly new to the forum and thought I would ask advice on what speakers/system I should use with my new television. I have just bought a Sharp LC40F22E television and while the picture is excellent, the sound is less than desirable. I am considering putting in either a wireless...
  8. R

    Wall mounting a 52 inch LCD in Hyderabad

    I need to wall mount my 52 inch Sharp. For some reason the Sharp customer service says they do not recommend wall mounting anything larger than 42" due to "weight." I am still arguing with them about this. They will get back to me after consulting with their HQ. This I find very strange since...
  9. GKV

    Sharp LC42A66M - 10bit/100Hz?

    There is an offer available for LCD TV Sharp LC42A66M for Rs 68K (under exchange). This model appears to have 10 bit panel and 100Hz refresh rate (equivalent to Sony W series). If this is right, this seems to have good option. Have anybody did some research on this model? How is this compared...