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  1. cybervinay

    For Sale Sherwood - AX-5505 Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Phono

    I bought this for my 2nd room system but did not use it much. This is actually in very good condition as you can see in the photos. This amp is with remote,Its 100 watts per channel, excellent value for money. Discrete Amplifier Stage (DAS) Tone Control 5 Audio Input (Phono...
  2. A

    What makes these Sherwood turntables not good?

    PS: This is long post. If you want to cut it short, please move to last two paragraphs. :o I had long cherished dream of setting up turntable at my home. I was researching in this direction and suddenly, I had to move out of India due to work requirements. I wanted a decent TT setup which...
  3. baijuxavior

    For Sale Region Free Sherwood BDP 5004 Blu-Ray Player and Harmony 525 URC

    I'm putting the following two products for sale 1. Sherwood BDP 5004 Region Free Blu-Ray Player This is a great player which is region free for both blu-rays and dvds. I have tested region B disks (LOTR extended) on this player and they worked very well. Region can be changed using remote...
  4. S

    Feedback on Jamo E 750 and help with an Amp

    Dear Friends, After drooling for 8 years, I have now decided to get myself a good audio system. My initial budget of 30K has stretched to 40K. Had read a lot about Norge speakers and amps..... but cannot have a demo here in Delhi NCR :( Am getting a pair of Jamo E 750 (Brand New with 2...
  5. K

    Anybody sells Sherwood RD-8504 in Bangalore?

    Wanted to check who sells Sherwood RD-8504 receiver in Bangalore. It has the ABT2010 for de-interlacing and upscaling (which the Oppo 83 uses). I am also looking for review/feedback from anybody who has this receiver.
  6. V

    Sherwood RX-4105 stereo amplifier

    Hi All, I have come across this amplifier called Sherwood RX-4105 which outputs 100wpc. Although I have not auditioned this amp but I like for it's competitive price (~14k INR). Have anyone in this forum auditioned this amp? Does it scores over Norge 2000? :confused: Cheers! Vivek
  7. B

    Jamo 606 + sherwood

    I have booked for Jamo 606 + sherwood 6502 receiver for 55 K. how is the deal. I would have liked to go for a Marantz 3001 but its 10K more. Is it worth it. I will also go for a 200 watts sub woofer later. How will the setup be. Gurus pleaase help me. I am only looking for a entry level...