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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. K

    Importing receivers from the US

    #6 - Importing receivers from the US Has anyone successfully managed to import their receiver from the US? If so, how did they manage? - Did they bring it back themselves? - Did they get a friend to bring it back? - Did they have the receiver shipped directly from the seller/site? How much...
  2. veekm

    Bought something on AliExpress - should i freak out?

    I bought something small (weight and cost) on Aliexpress - i was expecting them to ship by China Post "Free Shipping" so.. anywhow, the "Orders" - listing shows that it's being shipped by Singapore Post with a tracking number 30359970xxx (xxx substituted by me) which is invalid on the Singapore...
  3. A

    Shipping a Turntable in long distance flights

    Hi friends, I have a Thorens TD 166 Mk 2 turntable at my house in Netherlands and plan to bring it back to India with me when I travel in April this year. While I have referred to some material available on the net regarding how to properly pack turntables for shipping it still gives me...
  4. rocknrolla

    How to import?

    Hi hifi-gurus :cool:, I am building myself a HTPC. I have bought most of the components, cabinet (cooler master advanced 120) PSU (corsair 450W) LLANO APU memory Motherboard - I read reviews on various motherboards and decided on the Asrock A75M ITX (mini-itx form factor). Its not...
  5. M

    Zavvi and theHut for BDs & DVDs- from UK

    Considering that some of the board members has already used the services of Zavvi/ theHut (they are part of the same company though they have two sites and offers are sometime different) and I have been monitoring their offers and services for quite sometime now, hence decided to start a new...
  6. P

    lg hs201led projector from amazon

    hello this is my very first post so hi to everyone . I am planning to buy a lg hs201 led projector for my bedroom .I will be projecting it at 80" diagonal in a light controlled room. any comments about this product arre welcome. I am planning to order it from amazon.com any can guide...