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AV Cables
  1. S

    I am in Singapore - Advice for CDP and CABLES

    Hi All, I am currently in Singapore have time till 2nd morning. Planning to buy Marantz CD6006 for 26k INR is it worth or any alternatives. also please suggest some RCA interconnects. how about QED performance or reference 40 OR Kimber Timber or PBJ My system Dynaudio Emit M20 with...
  2. S

    5.1 system - need recommendations (KEF/Polk/Elac)

    Friends, Just now subscribed to this forum and am pretty new to AV world, looking out for options for last 2 weeks. Experts, need guidance please ! Location: Chennai. Dedicated room (11 feet wide and 21 feet length) in individual home. Requirements : Looking to setup a 5.1 home...
  3. T

    Bought a LG LA6910 LED from Thailand

    Just received LG LA6910; :yahoo: Feels like heaven ~ specially since I got it before just 26th August! ;-) after lot of research I had put-in span of months, and asked someone a favor to bring the TV from Thailand. Had guided him step-by-step from how, where & what. In case, anybody...
  4. K

    SBT - Where to buy in Singapore?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can buy Squeezebox touch in Singapore? I am looking for a market or possibly the exact store where I am certain to find the SBT in stock. Also, if possible information on if I can pay using international credit card or carrying cash is a safer option. What...
  5. V

    Heading to Singapore, what to purchase.

    Going to Singapore and Malaysia on the weekend. Need valued suggestions on what to and what not to purchase. Also recommended destination for shopping may be suggested. Regards
  6. Q

    I need exporter from S'pore

    Hello Frnz, I want to start my import electronics business from S'pore & Malaysia. I'd appreciate If anyone knows any exporter in Malaysia & S'pore. I want 2 models 1) Sony Ex 100 2) Hitachi CPRX 79 Let me know If anyone of you knows about it. Regards
  7. T

    Denon 1911 from SINGAPORE ?

    I am US for 1 week and want to buy Denon 1911 from here. prices here are $599. I am also going to Singapore next month for a week. I am thinking if it would make more sense to buy from SIN due to NTSC/PAL and Voltage compatibility. I couldn't find much info online on Denon Purchases in...
  8. Q

    Projectors from Singapore

    Hello Fellas, Its my first thread & first day in HiFiVision.com. I have heard that its a nice platform to discuss about electronics. Well friends I want to deal in Projectors.Recently I bought few projectors from china.Till the moment the experience is OK. not great. Now I am planning to...
  9. swami69

    Introduction and few info on buying HI FI from Singapore

    Hello freinds, i am swami and currently residing in Singapore on a project. I am from Chennai and my family is there. I have a passion for Photography and was pursuing that as a hobby and still continue to do so. As it is my childhood dream for quality audio stuff, recently studied a bit through...