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smart tv

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  1. D

    Need advice on TV purchase

    His guys, Looking for some insights as I am planning to purchase a TV: 1. Budget 60K max 2. 4K resolution (55" pref) 3. Smart TV - (Android Pref) 4. Usage - Gaming (PS4 PRO), Personal viewing (Mostly low light environment), OTT content mostly 5. Online or offline purchase I have been going...
  2. S

    Sony Android TV Owners Thread

    As many of us here have bought the Sony X9000E series android smart TV in various sizes, I thought its best to have a dedicated thread and share all your issues, settings, tips, tricks, etc so that everything remains in one thread instead of scattering in different threads. This way the...
  3. A

    For Sale Vu 55 inch 4k smart television

    Hello, I am selling my Vu 55 inch 4k smart television. Details as follows Model LTDN55XT780XWAU3D Purchase date 1st april 2016 Mint condition (very sparsely used) Still ubder warranty Asking price 55000 (current price 65000 on Flipkart, negotiable of course) Reason for selling is...
  4. A

    Looking to purchase speakers for under 20k

    Hi, am new to the forum and have been browsing lot of posts. Learning a lot about sound equipment's & am looking to purchase speakers for a budget of max. Rs. 20,000. Purpose: Small house parties for about 20 persons. Listen to EDM, House and Bollywood mostly. Speaker feature...
  5. H

    Screen Mirroring in Onida Smart TV

    Hello My Onida Smart TV was installed today (LEO32HSAIN). Been a decent experience so far, but struggling with wireless screen mirroring. I have a Nexus 5 on Lollipop and the TV is on Kitkat 4.4 Here are the things I have tried so far: 1. Built in "Cast Screen" - Didn't work - Got a...
  6. B

    For Sale Tronsmart MK908II Quad Core TV Stick

    It is an excellent TV Stick. Bought 1 month back. Tronsmart MK908II Quad Core TV Stick Expected price: Rs 3900/- Condition: 10/10 Used for 15-20 hours for youtube movies and found excellent streaming play for extended hours (watched youtube for 3 hrs) Please find below pics...
  7. A

    Samsung 40 Inch TV - budget is around 50k

    Hi Guys, I just joined the forum and find quit useful for new buyers or anything related to TV's. I am planning to buy 40 inch smart TV (full HD), have gone through LG, Sony and today I am going to visit Samsung store in New Delhi. I got to see Ultra HD or 4K models of LG, they are...
  8. S

    Good Smart TV to buy in India

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a smart tv in india, and i dont have relevant experience/knowledge in choosing the right TV wrt latest technology,features. I have an inclination towards Sony Bravia series but not restricted to it. My budget is between 70K - 75K (Max). Am looking for a...
  9. m2maddy

    Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) Apps

    Since many of us have Sony Bravia TV with Smart features enabled in it, was looking at the different apps the everyone uses and see if there are interesting ones which haven't been explored yet. I use mainly the following 1. YouTube (Obvious) 2. TED 3. Driving Sports 4. Vimeo 5. AP 6...
  10. N

    Query: Smart TVs channel navigation and DTH channel navigation

    Hello! I'd be getting my first SMART TV, considering getting 46" Samsung F8000 LED TV. I really love the navigation interface for channel surfing and Samsung Link. Am I right to assume that I won't be able to use any of that once I connect the TV to a DTH stb such as Tata Sky via HDMI...
  11. A

    Need help buying TV

    Hello All, I am planning to buy my first flat screen TV and need your advise. Viewing distance is 10 feet, so I decided on a 32". I am going for HD ready model, as full HD doesn't matter on a 32" With all the different LED-LCD TV/Smart TV in market, its a bit confusing on deciding which...
  12. L

    2014 TV Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (hopefully) Refresh Rate - 100Hz (minimum) Budget - 35 - 40k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched in 2014 or are...
  13. L

    2014 LED - Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (optional) Refresh Rate - 100Hz Budget - 35k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched...
  14. F

    HELP Please! No sound. Driving me nuts!

    Getting no sound from receiver while trying to listen to Pandora that I downloaded to TV. I've tried everything, please help. Cable from wall to comcast cable box. HDMI from cable box into Denon 887 receiver "IN" Then HDMI cable going from Denon 887 "monitor out" into Samsung PN51D8000...
  15. S

    For Sale Toshiba 46" Full HD 3D Smart LED TV - 46TL933

    In continuation with my other sale items, I am putting up my Toshiba 46" LED 3D TV. Detailed specs are below. I bought this TV on 1st Sep 2012 in Germany and then brought it to India. This is the Bedroom TV and hence the usage has been very minimal. Since the purchase, the TV is...
  16. V

    How to play Media Wirelessly from external 2tb hdd

    Greetings! I am very new to this forum and friend of mine recommended me to this and so far it has been fun going through couple of interesting forums. Anyhow, i've been trying to figure out how to play media content on my external hdd through my wifi router on my tv and have had no luck...
  17. M

    Panasonic TH-L32XV6D or LG LN32571B Smart TVs

    Panasonic TH-L32XV6D or LG 32LN571B Smart TVs I am buying a 32" LED TV this Week. I really unable to decide between LG 32LN571B Smart TV Panasonic TH-L32XV6D Smart Viera TV Both of them are Smart tv, HDTV and has built-in Wifi. I did not find any reviews on net for both these tvs...
  18. N

    Which 46 Inch LED+3D+Smart TV should I buy

    Hello Friends, I need your valuable suggestion on which of the following TV I should go for, I am not really interested in Smart TV but the problem is that there are no good 3D TVs without the Smart Option... I am keen in having a good picture quality, hassle free use ( Protocols, Formats...
  19. J

    Looking for 32' LED

    I'm looking for a full hd LED TV. 1. Internet connectivity (WiFi built in / Ethernet LAN) no ready. 2. Mainly for DTH. 3. Viewable within 10ft. 4. less than 40k. 5. Sony / Samsung( most preferred)
  20. M

    Connect TATA Photo USB to Samsung Smart TV

    Dear All, I have just purchased a new Samsung Smart TV and am trying to connect to the internet using the Tata photon card. This method does not work. Is there someone who knows the steps or can refer to a site which can enable me to achieve this goal? Also am I understanding it correctly...