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sonodyne sia 208r

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. S

    NAD 906 Power Amp + Sonodyne Sia 208R as Pre Amp

    Dear FMs, I had recently picked up an used (and pretty old) NAD 906 Power Amp in decent condition from a FM. My intention was to get a feel of NAD SQ and the bit of extra power when used in bridged mode over my existing Sonodyne SiA 208 R. Being on a tight budget I thought if the combo clicks...
  2. pratapaditya

    Sonodyne SiA 208R with Wharfedale 10.1

    Hi, Thanks to some awesome guidance from pratim-da, i finally made my purchase of a set of Wharfedale 10.1s! Auditioning with my all-time favourite CD of MARASIM ( Jagjit-Gulzar), I was blown away by the clarity ( don't knw if that's the right technical term ) of this speaker. As a result, I...