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  1. D

    Sonodyne now available on HPZ

    Just a heads up for people wondering where they can source sonodyne stuff. It was already available on Tata Cliq but another trusted site to consider. https://www.headphonezone.in/collections/sonodyne
  2. S

    Sondoyne PMR 100

    Looking for any user reviews on Sonodyne PMR100. Have not found much on the internet but wanted to understand how they would stack up against an Elac Debut 6.2 bookshelf + Denon 600NE amp. Also how would the PMR 100 perform for listening to stereo sound on Apple Music if I am looking at...
  3. R

    Sonodyne Subwoofer

    Hi!! Have been with Sonodyne since 1995. Really happy with product. I am looking for adding subwoofer to the existing 3 channel system. Anyone who has got the experience of owning Sonodyne subwoofer. Please share and advice. Regards
  4. P

    What happened to Sonodyne?

    Five years back I happened to hear of this brand through the reviews of their acclaimed SM100AK monitors. Shortly after, i had a chance to hear and test out the newer Sonodyne SRP 400 studio monitor(costing around Rs. 50k for a pair) and it literally blew everything else out of the park , even...
  5. Q

    Suggestions for 5.1 speaker set for Yamaha RXV681

    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum and just registered today. I have been browsing these forums to decide on speakers. Room size: 13x21 ft. It will be mainly used for movies (Home-Theatre) and bit of music. I want to keep the option open if in future i plan to make a dedicated AV room. I...
  6. M

    Sonodyne 1994 speakers

    Hi, I am trying to build a music system for my home. I cannot spend endlessly, don't want to invest more than 25K at a time. I have a set of 2 very old Sonodyne speakers from a 1994 model tape deck. I have lost the amplifier and don't remember the model no. Has anybody tried using old...
  7. S

    Sonodyne Super Jet Line Amplifier

    I picked up a Sonodyne Super Jet Line Amplifier from a local scrap dealer and my trusty technician has got it working again. When i emailed Sonodyne for details and possibility of repairing it, I did not get any reply. Their technician at last year's What HiFi show was not even aware of this...
  8. P

    Sonodyne SBP 101 Bluetooth Receiver

    Hello Friends, Does anyone have experience using the Sonodyne SBP 101 Bluetooth Receiver? Sonodyne SBP 101 Stereo Bluetooth Receiver How will this be compared to Belkin HD Bluetooth receiver in terms of quality ? Any other suggestion in similar price range ?
  9. R

    Is Sonodyne Sonus 2605v3 compatible with Onkyo HT-R558

    Hi, I am planning on getting a couple of floor standing speakers for pure music listening. I already own and Onkyo home theatre package which is good enough for movie viewing. I am planning to use the B speaker terminals of the Onkyo AV receiver HT-R558 to the floor standing speakers for purely...
  10. M

    VFM subwoofer: Polk Audio vs Sonodyne

    Guys, Below are my options, can you suggest which one is VFM? :) Polk Audio PSW 110 - Rs 14700/- Polk Audio PSW 125 - Rs 18900/- Sonodyne RoarR 108 - Rs 18300/- Sonodyne RoarR 210 - Rs 21500/- Any other suggestions welcome within this price ranges.
  11. M

    Need Advice: Speaker Packager for a 20ft X 13ft room

    Guys: I hope to get answers from forum members to help me finalize speakers for my 20 ft X 13ft room. My requirement: - Television 75" LED - Mostly used for Television viewing, Apple Music / iPhone Bluetooth Music and one movie a month Budget: Less than 1 Lac for Speakers and AV...
  12. N

    Suggestions for HomeTheater (Denon/ ELAC/ Sonodyne/ Chairs/ Console)

    Friends, Please suggest me if I am purchasing a good HT setup or not ? I was completely a newbie when it comes to HT technical jargons but, hifivision made me took interest in all this. Even now, I am not much into it but, atleast am aware about some brands & some keywords like Center/...
  13. S

    Feedback please on HT system with combination: Heco / Velodyne / Sonodyne

    Hi All, I am planning to install HT system in my living area (which is L shaped - | of 13X20 and _ of 13X12), where I want to place it in 13X12 area. Quote I got is: Heco 302 victa prime bookshelves (2): Rs 18,000/- after discount Heco 102 center: Rs 8000/- after discount Sonodyne...
  14. D

    Budget amplifier for Sonodyne/Wharfedale speakers

    I am a total beginner in Hifi world, and this would be my first setup Please suggest some budget amplifier to go with these speakers. My total budget for speakers+amplifier is around 30k Sonodyne Sonus 1501v3 bookshelf speakers Polk audio tsx110b Wharfedale Diamond 121 Wharfedale...
  15. saswat

    5.1 System Suggestions at Rs 50-55k

    Hi Wanted to buy a Hometheatre and as usual was shortlisting between BDV 7002 9002 ETC ETC and then realised from some forums that these are just waste of money. I also realised that how many times i will use a BlueRay Disk???? Its all USB, Streaming etc now a days. Now can somebody...
  16. noblejose

    SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 VS Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

    I've to decide between: 1) SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 floor stander + their center 2) Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones floor stander + Pioneer SP-C22 Center What I have: 1) Onkyo entry level HT-S3400 (HT-R390 AVR) - I'll upgrade this to a better quality Denon / Yamaha AVR later; say next year...
  17. A

    Sonodyne's new integrated amplifier DSA 320

    Sonodyne has recently launched, integrated amplifier DSA 320, SONODYNE Any initial feedback form forum members? Thanks,
  18. RMCWS

    Sonodyne offered 50% discount

    Today morning while going through my facebook timeline, I noticed a post from a sonodyne page (later realized that it was sponsored post). It posted an image very similar to advertising saying that now Sonodyne is accepting payment through Western Union and first 10 people ordering anything upto...
  19. S

    Front Speaker pair below 40K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy 2 floor standing speakers range below 40K. My initial choice was Polk D-70 of Monitor series. But it is not available currently when I asked profx so I moved to TSX440T. But I heard from one of my friend about Sondyne Sonus Series. Can anyone please clarify about...
  20. RMCWS

    RoarR210 connectivity issue

    I am unable to connect my Sonodyne roarr210 subwoofer with my Yamaha 373. The SW came with 2 RCA cable, one for left and other for right. However, the avr has just 1 point for subwoofer. How do I connect it? Do I need another RCA cable with 2 jacks at one end and only a single jack at the...