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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
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    Is Sonodyne Sonus 2605v3 compatible with Onkyo HT-R558

    Hi, I am planning on getting a couple of floor standing speakers for pure music listening. I already own and Onkyo home theatre package which is good enough for movie viewing. I am planning to use the B speaker terminals of the Onkyo AV receiver HT-R558 to the floor standing speakers for purely...
  2. S

    Front Speaker pair below 40K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy 2 floor standing speakers range below 40K. My initial choice was Polk D-70 of Monitor series. But it is not available currently when I asked profx so I moved to TSX440T. But I heard from one of my friend about Sondyne Sonus Series. Can anyone please clarify about...
  3. H

    Denon 1713 + sonus

    I've purchased Denon 1713 already. I've auditioned various speakers and liked following speakers Sonus 1501 V3 + Sonus C2401 V3 + Sonus R-ears V3 + Roarr. After that I auditioned 2605 and liked it too. I'm interested in FS speakers but as I've already bought denon 1713, Will this...
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    Review: Sonodyne Sonus and Amp !

    Review: Sonodyne Sonus and Amp ! After getting into the Croma store which happens to be the only store which displays Sonodyne products wasnt able to find out the company rep to give me a demo. So it was me all the way long. on display were both the Sonus 2604 V3 and the Sonodyne Sonus...