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sony led tv

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  1. B

    Sony 950G vs LG C9 - 40k price difference

    Hey Guys, I am looking to upgrade from a VU 40" TV to a 65" TV. My general use cases are: 1. Streaming apps - 60% 2. Cable TV - 20% 3. News and Sports - 15% 4. Gaming - 5% I understand the C9 being an OLED is a far better TV but I am worried about burn in. During IPL or cricket season the TV...
  2. M

    PS4 pro to 4K tv or Laptop [1080p] to 4K tv? Which is better

    TV: Sony X8000G Laptop: HP OMEN 1080p display PS4 PRO I usually connect my PS4 pro and laptop to Denon Receiver [HDCP 2.2 supported] which in turn connects to TV via HDMI arc. I 'd like to know which will be better for viewing? Watching movies from Laptop connected via HDMI to receiver to TV or...
  3. L

    Are all Active 3D televisions having VA panel?

    It has been extremely difficult finding out if certain television has IPS or VA panel. Some where i found that all Active 3D televisions will have VA panels while passive 3D will have IPS panels. Is that correct? And if a television is not 3D then is there any criteria to find this out?
  4. L

    Need suggestions on Sony LED TV

    I want to buy a Sony television and can take my budget max to 1.3-1.4 lakh Not very keen on UHD but if a good one comes in this range then would be happy to go for it. I want a television with VA panel as i read that IPS panel doesn't give great quality. A 50 inch television would be ideal...
  5. L

    Sony LED KDL-50W950D vs KD-49X8500C

    I am planning to buy a high end Sony LED and comparing the 2 models KDL-50W950D and KD-49X8500C Both have great features but i believe KD-49X8500C is more advanced but i am not sure if it has "VA" panel which is making me hesitant. Any advises?
  6. atozguy

    Need guidance on finalizing a LED TV

    Hi guys, I have two LED TV models in consideration. 1. Sony 42W700B - 2014 model - 54K [ebay] 2. Sony 43W800C - 2015 model - 67K [Chennai dealer] While both models are SMART, the later is having advantages of 3D feature, PIP, Bass Reflex Speaker and also 1 inch bigger screen...
  7. R

    SONY 40W900A - Audio Issues - Fresh Piece

    Dear All, Bought a new Sony 40W900A 2 weeks back. So far used only for less than 10hrs. Now I notice, sharp spike like noise in the audio at times. Since it is a fresh piece can I get it replaced by another fresh piece by SONY? Or what is the remedy? Please suggest. Also, how do I find out...
  8. H

    Sony refurbished 40HX850....

    Hi, i'm getting a sony(manufacturer) refurbished 40HX850 for 54K....... is it a good deal?.. They are offering 1 year warranty + i can get the additional 2 year warranty also. ......... your opinions/suggestion please.