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  1. S

    Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (2017 Model)

    Hey guys, I am planning to get this one from US. From the reviews, it seems to be a good one......I can get it for around 150 USD.....Any one has experience on this...
  2. A

    Looking for Active Subwoofer for Sony MHC-GNZ88D

    Hi, I heard a lot about this forum.I joined this forum today . I am looking for an Active Subwoofer for my Sony MHC-GNZ88D Home Audio Component . Please suggest me some good Powered Subwoofers here....any help would be appreciated .
  3. gurujee

    For Sale Sony BDP - S380 Bluray Player with 3 Free Bluray Movies

    Excellent Condition Bluray Player from Sony It plays variety of formats like MKV, Mp4, Xvid as a media player. Plays Flac, Wave, AAC as well as Mp3 in audio. It has HDMI as well as component video out with LAN port for internet connection. for more info on player please visit this...
  4. cha_indian

    Please suggest suitable speakers for Sony CDX 1150U

    Hello, I recently bought a new audio system for my car. The HU is Sony CDX 1150U. The front speakers are Polk Audio Polk Audio DB501 The rear speakers are the OEM Clarion speakers. Just wanted to know if anyone can suggest a good speaker set for rear side.
  5. K

    Which brand makes the most ideal receivers?

    #5 - Which brand makes the most ideal receivers? Firstly, I'd like to know if a majority of people here feel that Denon receivers are better than Yamaha, Marantz, Pioneer and Sony? For years, I was under the impression that Onkyo was pretty awesome, but since I've started reading up on...
  6. K

    Ideal receiver

    -------------- plz ignore, have reposted with a survey unable to find the link to delete this post --------------
  7. S

    Sony LED Panel Replace! Confused about the life of LED?

    Hello Everybody! I have Sony's 32inch Full HD LED Smart Tv (KDL-32W670A). I purchased this TV in December 2013. The time i purchased it by mystake the LED TV had fallen and the panel broke. I replaced the panel. There after it had been working very well. A week ago the panel has again broken...
  8. D

    Sony X93D

    Hi I have Samsung LCD 46B640 and now on look out for 55 inch 4K TV. This time I am more inclined to go with Sony. Sony is marketing aggressively 2016 4K models as 4K HDR. Based on the features I am getting more inclined towards 55X93D. Any one in the forum has bought this model? can you...
  9. P

    For Sale Vintage Silver Sony Components

    For sale is a vintage Sony stack from 1978-79. It is systems like these which help explain why Sony is an internationally well known brand. The build quality is great and sonic ability of each component is very very good. Although these were not top of the line Sony components in their day...
  10. S

    Need advice to choose between this TV models (48"-50")!

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a 48" - 50" TV and visited a few showrooms in my area. I shortlisted this models 1. Sony W800C 50" - Rs 84000 2. Samsung 50J5570 50" - Rs 84000 3. Sony W700C 48" - Rs 73000 I can bargain for 2-4k less. So, please do advise which model is great in...
  11. A

    Which 55 TV? Sony or Panasonic

    I plan to buy a 55 inch TV and as such have been researching a bit of the same. Previously I had a Samsung Plasma TV 5 Series of 50 inches. The picture quality was great and the 3D was excellent. However, the TV gave up in 18 months time and now I have to look for a replacement. Am not...
  12. T

    Will this cable work as a Digital coaxial audio cable?

    Hello, Can I use Bluerigger Subwoofer Audio RCA cable as a digital coaxial audio cable to connect my LCD tv to Sony HT-M55 (Mu-te-ki) home theatre system to get 5.1 channel audio. Here's the link to the cable: Robot Check I have already placed the order on Amazon India and will receive...
  13. S

    Television buying advice 48 to 50 inches

    Hi, I am confused and looking to buy good tv 48 inches and above , I will buy offline from pune city /online, and can spend max upto 70k. TV must have good picture quality full HD :licklips: and decent sound :yahoo:. 3d/smart tv/4k optional,not required :indifferent14:. below are some...
  14. Z

    Double image problem goes away after 15 mins

    I have a Sony Bravia Ex330 In the morning when i turn it on, it shows double image where one is superimposed over the other and the distance bw the two images is ~5mm. One of the double image shows a slight discoloration. After 15 to 20 mins, everything goes back to normal and occasional the...
  15. aurobindosaha

    Please advice, got some naive questions

    Hi Background - I love listening to pure music (classical vocal, strings, flute, drums) and has no desire to set up a home theatre or or movie viewing experience. My budget is around 1,00,000 INR (1500 USD) I am planning to set up a 2 channel system and almost decided on KEF R300 speakers...
  16. N

    Upgrade to Bigger Panel TV - Sharp Vs Toshiba Vs Your Suggestion

    Hey Tech folks, I need to upgrade to a newer featured 32" TV from the existing Sony BX300 32" TV. If we see the prices for Toshiba or Sharp, they are much less than other brands like the Samsung, LG or Sony (excluding the Chinese assembled brands like Micromax etc). Though I know both...
  17. drkavint

    50w900b or 55h6400

    as the price war started, i would like to upgrade my samsung 51 inch full hd plasma to the following models 1. samsung 55h6400 or sony 50w900b samsung is 55 inch costing 85k, but sony is 50 inch costing 96k...(local shop).. kindly give ur opinions pal...
  18. S

    Need help choosing my first HT!

    Hi All I am planning to buy my 1st ever HT. my budget is 15k, can extend to 18k. below information might help you guiding me. Room size is not so big, 100 sq. ft. Mostly will be used for watching movies using pen drive. Will use it with my Airtel DTH, some HD channels provide Dolby...
  19. Z

    What DAC does my TV have?

    Hi forum, I have a ~6 year old Sony KLV-40EX400. Takes HDMI by way of digital input, but not Optical or Coax. Audio outputs are RCA. Can anyone shed some light on the type/quality of DAC that this TV has? Cheers!
  20. J

    Samsung J5500 vs Sony R482B

    I am planning to buy a 40/42" LED TV and I am very much confused b/w Sony's R482b and Samsung's J5500. Sony has semi-smart tv with built-in wifi, fm radio but no smart app features whereas Samsung has smart tv on offer with all smart features, plus special cricket, movie sound modes. On...