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  1. GKV

    Sony DAV-DZ690K - Is this the best under Rs 25K?

    I am planning buy Home theater Sony DAV-DZ690K to pair with Sony Bravia 40V550A LCD TV. Is this a good option or is there any other model (from Sony or other make) which is better in terms of performance and quality at this price (under Rs 25K)
  2. GKV

    Sony klv-40v550 or klv-40s550

    I have 3 questions: (1) SONY KLV-40V550 & KLV-40S550 seems to have identical specifications except for a connectivity (digital media port) option. What is that makes 40V550 around Rs 10K more expensive then the 40S550? (2) As far as Picture quality is concerned, can I expect exactly the...
  3. N

    SONY KLV-40V550A/B or SAMSUNG LA40B650T1R

    Could someone help me make a choice between SONY KLV-40V550A/B and SAMSUNG LA40B650T1R. Thanks in advance
  4. N

    Samsung LA-40A650 vs Sony 40W450

    Does someone has a feature by feature comparison of Samsung LA40A650A1 vs Sony KLV-40W450A? Also is has anyone seen Samsung UA40B6000VR or UA40B7000. How does these compare with LA40A650A1?
  5. Yogesh

    Sony 728 or nething else?

    I am planning to buy a DVD player. I have shortlisted Sony 728. I am also interested in Pioneer 610/490. Pl advice me, which one? If any other DVD player is better. It should have HDMI, USB with video playback. Headphone or Microphone Jack( karaoke) desirable. I will be using it with HTiB...
  6. S

    hi..just joined,,need help on HT buying

    hi folks. this is my first post...i just joined the group...i am a beginner vis a vis u veterans...need to buy a home theatre for music and movies.this is my usage pattern... i wd be watching movies thru cable..tata sky mostly...once a week thru DVD..might be pirated ..not sure on that.. i...
  7. G

    Sony Bluray Player BDP S350

    Hey ppl, This model is has got some good reviews in US. I plan to buy it for my Sony Bravia television in India. I need to know if it is a right thing to buy this player in US and use in India. Do we have any region code issues with Bluray players? Are the Indian Bluray discs region...
  8. S

    40" LCD - Samsung/Sony/Panasonic

    Folks: I am in the process of getting myself a new 40" LCD and have visited several showrooms and seen "demos". I have also read all the reviews on hifivision.com (being a new member myself and this being my first post). I NEED YOUR HELP in helping me decide. Here are the facts: a) I...
  9. V

    Is Sony HT-M5 value worth?

    active speakers hi all, i heard audioengine a5 active bookshelf speakers and was very impressed. have also heard sonodyne active monitors but found them very weakin bass dept. can ppl suggest me more active bookshelf speaker brands/models? thx.
  10. R

    Brand new Sony ps3 for sale

    Dear All, I just came from the UK tagging along with me a sony PS3 40GB (included is a six axis wireless controller) All the while, i was inclined more toward a dedidated BD player (and my friend got me the samsung BDP1500) This PS3 is absolutely new and unused. It was purchased on the 8...