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sound card

AV Cables
  1. reachkalyan.kr


    For sale CREATIVE BLASTER SOUND X-FI SURROUND PRO-5.1 www.amazon.in Purchased for SPDIF usage as suggested in the link. suggested link Purchased 22 june 2018. Delivered 25 June 2018. Purchased price 5499. Less than one month old. Used it for couple of times. If required Amazon invoice copy will...
  2. K

    USB DAC/ Sound Card for Dell XPS 15

    Hi, I have a dell XPS 15 L502X laptop. I wish to enhance the audio with either a USB DAC or USB sound card. I live in Bangalore, India. My main usage is games and movies with occasional music. I will be using this with a 5.1 channel home theater and an audio technica ATH AD300 headphone. My...
  3. Kannan

    For Sale ASUS Xonar U7 Mint Condition

    In mint condition with original box and accessories. ASUS Xonar U7 USB 7.1 soundcard. C-Media 6632A High-Performance Sound Processor Digital-to-analog Converter(DAC) Dual DAC Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4398 for the main channels Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4362 for the surround, center and...
  4. subhashis_1980

    For Sale ASUS Xonar Essence STX(Stereo) Sound Card

    Hi Folks, I am letting go my ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound Card. I had got it from Amazon around 2 yrs back. Details below: Brand : Asus Brought from Amazon 2 yrs back Reason for sale: upgraded to External DAC Price expected: Rs. 6000 Shipping for outside Kolkata: Extra at sellers...
  5. G

    For Sale Xonar D2X

    For sale is Asus XonarD2X sound card. Condition:Very good. Reason for sale: moving to a DSP based active setup. Price: Rs 6K. Shipping: At buyers risk and cost. Excellent packaging (box inside box) will be provided. Comes with original box packing and all acessories. This card uses CS4398 DAC...
  6. S

    Sound card, USB DAC, or Headphone?

    I'm hoping that I'm in a right place for this topic. All right, I have researched to get a better sound quality but haven't able to get an answer that i'm looking for. Should I upgrade a sound card, usb dac, or headset. My current set up is SB Recon3D PCIe with PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amp...
  7. cybervinay

    For Sale ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound Card - 124dB SNR - Audiophile Quality

    I have for sale used ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound Cards I have two of these and both of them are in excellent condition. I have not been using them for quite some time as I got a dedicated DAC. My asking price for each of them is Rs. 6500 plus actual shipping charges. Since these are more...
  8. J

    For Sale Lynx AES16 sound card

    Up for sale is my Lynx AES16 sound card. Properly set up, this is an excellent transport - it beat my modded Teac VRDS10. It comes with a custom breakout cable. A few points about the sound card: 1. It is digital only card and outputs an AES signal. You can convert it to SPDIF using a US$50...
  9. B

    Home Recording- Help required

    Hi friends, I am a newbie here. Need all you experts help in setting up a home recording centre ( want to record songs of my wife with karaoke). I read lots of article to setup but it leads no where finally I came to know this is the place where I will get help.My requirement > record voice...
  10. H

    Sound Card with Co-Axial Output

    Hi. I have a Home Theatre System with a co-axial input. I need to route 5.1 sound from my computer to this receiver, but am unable to locate a sound card with co-axial output. Creative has a model, but seems to be out of stock. Can anyone suggest where such a sound card can be purchased...
  11. subhobh

    For Sale Audio Zone DAC -1

    Offering my Audio Zone DAC -1 (Audio Zone DAC-1) with an EMU-0404M internal PCI soundcard for sale!!! About the DAC: This unit is the Premium model made on a pine wood block (no casing). Its a non oversampling DAC based upon Philips 1541 chips built by DIY genius Mr. Peter Daniel from...
  12. R

    Connecting NAD 326BEE to Asus Xonar Essence STX

    Hello everyone. I've recently changed my sound card from Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio to Asus Xonar Essence STX. With my old sound card, NAD was simply connected from two Media Player inputs (2xRCA) to 3.5mm jack, which went into Line 1 of Creative sound card. I'm a little bit confused, how...
  13. T

    Seeking advice of PC Audio Gurus - 5.1/7.1 card-cum-converter combo for bi/tri-amping

    PC Audio Gurus' Advice- 5.1/7.1 card-cum-converter combo(Active XO) for bi/tri-amping Howdy Gents! In keeping with the thread title, here's the rundown . . . *I have a reckon-able lossless music collection of about 750 GB (all FLAC/WAV/ALAC) , that I have painstakingly compiled over the...
  14. G

    realtek onboard vs sound card

    How good is the quality of sound provided by realtek On board sound chip (RTL8101L)? I am planning to buy Logitech Z-2300 (2.1 speakers).. Do i need a sound card too or is on-board sound support good? If yes then which one? Im getting speakers these for 7.5k. Dont mind investing another 2k...
  15. grunthos

    Auzentech launches a small form factor card - X-Fi Forte 7.1

    Auzentech has launched a small form factor PCI card specially for HTPCs. Extremetech has a good review for it - Auzentech X-Fi Forte 7.1 Review - Reviews by ExtremeTech Priced not too badly at $150 MRP - available for less online (in the US).
  16. R

    Soundcard discussion

    Open for all to contribute. However really looking forward to hear particleman's experience with various sound cards and compare them with each other. To make this thread more useful to readers, we may limit the discussion to: Which sound cards you have used? How have you used and for...