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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. A

    Denon receivers and Master volume button

    Hi guys. I've got a question, that troubles me a lot. I bought Denon ASR a11 many years ago and was using it for stereo and Home CInema luckily for many years. Then I upgraded my system and bought new loudspeakers Canton Vento reference series 7 and then after a month or a bit more, my ASr11...
  2. seshboxhq

    New Home theatre setup advice

    Hi people, I'm building a dedicated theatre room in my new home which is roughly 13 ft wide and 15.2 ft in length. I know its a little small but this is all i had to work with. People in the city are suggesting all sorts of systems and it has got me confused as shit. Through some online...
  3. amit11

    quality of power and quality of sound

    Hi Friends, Recently i had opportunity to try out 'how power quality affects sound quality'. The opportunity was not across all scenarios, rather it was limited to digital conversion. e.g. DAC where digital is converted to analog signal DDC where digital is converted to digital again In both...
  4. N

    Intermittent sound issues with AIRTEL DTH HD with sony ht-iv300 reciever

    My setup: 1. Sony ht-iv300 (HT) - with two input HDMI and one output (ARC) ouput. 2. Bravia android (TV) - with one (ARC) HDMI port. 3. airtel HD (STB) (with dolby digital plus over HDMI) - one HDMI out I have connected the HMDI out from STB to HDMI1 IN of HT. HDMI OUT(ARC) from HT to...
  5. D

    Needed an audiophile music experience for budget?

    Hello, I'm a newbie into world of audiophile music but i just gone through entry level Hi-Fi systems for a wannabe audiophile like me. I just budget-constrained since im a student and need music for an audiophile quality on budget My current choice is ATH-M50X + Fiiio e10k DAC for 20k. This...
  6. ShutterX

    Resource on tube amplifiers (headphone)

    I am planning to buy a tube amplifier. it will be used with my recently acquired Audio Technica AD700x. I am looking for the warm sound that eases out harsh highs and smoothens bass. The issue is that I dont know anything about Tube amps. How much difference do different tubes make to the...
  7. G

    The Microphone Bioamplifier

    absorptions: The microphone bioamplifier
  8. G

    Stereo Separation, Subwoofers, and Headphones, Demystified

    The article explains stereo sound differences in speakers and headphones Stereo Separation, Subwoofers, and Headphones, Demystified — How It Works
  9. G

    Horror movies include sound which below the range of human hearing to enhance effect

    Is this true? https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/3fztxr/til_horror_movie_soundtracks_sometimes_include/
  10. J

    Pioneer SX-2700 Sound Problems

    I am new to these forums and was wondering if someone can help me solve my issue. the issue is that when audio plays back it crackles a little bit, but the sound is not unbearable so I opened my amp to check if something was wrong and the first thing I noticed was that one of the parts appears...
  11. F

    HELP Please! No sound. Driving me nuts!

    Getting no sound from receiver while trying to listen to Pandora that I downloaded to TV. I've tried everything, please help. Cable from wall to comcast cable box. HDMI from cable box into Denon 887 receiver "IN" Then HDMI cable going from Denon 887 "monitor out" into Samsung PN51D8000...
  12. R

    Sound & Picture Settings For Sony Bravia 42W650

    Hello Guys, This is my first post in this forum and feeling excited as I will be able to get expert reviews and suggestions for the queries. I recently bought Sony Bravia 42W650. I tried to customize the settings of sound and picture but unable to get the desired results for what I was...
  13. prepress

    Left/Right channel audio is not equal :mad:

    I am using Apple iPOD Classic 160GB (bought before 6 months) as a source with my Yamaha A-S500, using earphone output and flat eq settings, all music is mp3 320kbps/wave and all are ripped by me using Adobe Audition/Exact Audio Copy and Sony Sound Forge. FROM LAST FEW DAYS I was noticing that...
  14. S

    Movie sound from Yamaha v473

    Hi, I have Yamaha v473 and my speakers are Magnat supreme 1000. When i play movies, even blu-rays, the sound is somewhat subdued. I can't explain really but it is dull. I play around -8 or so, i haven't tried to go higher than -5. My bluray player is LG bd670. Anything that i should watch out...
  15. sreejithsreedharan

    Sound variation

    Hi All, Please help.. When I listened to my NAK AV3s channels separately, I felt some 20% low sound in left cahnnel. Is this the same with every amp?? Coz, when i listened to my Technics SU A 800 and Akai AA1010, this same problem exists.. Please suggest.. As i doubt if this problem...
  16. K

    32" LCD/LED tv with good audio quality?

    Hi guys, buying a new 32" LCD/LED tv for my bedroom, and have no intention of having extra speakers or soundbars, as I have a fully decked up living room with mordaunt-short system..so this tv will mainly be for watching downloaded tv shows and sports, not music or movies. But I do hate the...
  17. V

    What best to use with a Sharp LC40F22E TV

    Hi, I am fairly new to the forum and thought I would ask advice on what speakers/system I should use with my new television. I have just bought a Sharp LC40F22E television and while the picture is excellent, the sound is less than desirable. I am considering putting in either a wireless...
  18. Santy

    Got the first dose of resistance to HT

    It was expected but not so soon. Today a guy from the flat just below mine came up to my doors at 10.30 pm and requested to lower the volume as its causing lot of vibrations inside his home. He clearly says sound is not heard but vibrations are making him uncomfortable. It appeared that he...
  19. M

    QED - uPlay

    Dear @LL... QED brings you its very new product "uPlay"... uPlay is a Bluetooth Streaming Device, that connects your Bluetooth Source (Mobile, Laptop, iPod Touch, etc.) to your Amplifier / Reciever, Speakers, etc... It incorporates the apt-x technology, that allows you to stream...
  20. R

    audiophile computer speakers

    Hi, I recently replaced broken Dell Altec Lansing 5.1 ADA995 speakers with klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers. The sound quality for mp3's was excellent with the Dell speakers, however I was very unsatisfied with the Klipsch promedia. Can anyone suggest high quality audiophile computer speakers in...