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  1. A

    Chromecast 2 Ideal Media Player?

    Hi FM's I have been using Chromecast 2 for my media playing through my PC to the TV for my HT system. Wanted to know the following: 1) Is this way correct to play Dolby BluRay Movies that I have? 2) Am I loosing out on quality of sound or video by doing this? 3) Sometimes I am unable to...
  2. K

    Improving source content (buy/dload, online/offline)?

    Like most other people my generation, my source of movies/music has for a long time included only digital media on my laptop/drives. I've started upgrading my music collection from MP3s to FLACs, but for movies, the source of ripped movies stays the same for now. I know many people here...
  3. rohitmusic

    For Sale Asus HD Media Player HDP-R1

    Hi, Putting on sale a good media player. Condition: Working: 10/10 Cosmetically: 8 or 9/10 Reason for sale: Not using. I had got it only for experimenting as a digital source! Used it very sparingly only couple times as got another media player as well and multiple other...
  4. R

    Future ready OPTIMUM setup for Audio/Video

    Hi, First of all, pardon me for a detailed post. :o I wanted to give as much information as I can about setup + thought process + research so that it will be easier for the GURUs here to comment / suggest. OPTIMUM = best possible w.r.t. budget & needs * Needs mostly are somewhat...
  5. K

    Source Advice for HK3490 with JBL ES 80 speakers

    Hi! I need some advice and help. Currently I play the above config with a SONY DVD player connected to the HK 3490 through an Optical Cord. What I need to know is should I or could I just continue with the SONY or will I get some serious benefit if I invest in a 15-20k CD Player? Have...