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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. M

    Who Is An Audiophile ... Music Listener Or Musical Equipment Collector?

    Its quite sad to come across many audio enthusiasts who keep jumbling their musical equipment rather focussing on developing interest in listening to MUSIC. I suggest many a friends that GOOD AUDIOPHILE IS NOT THE ONE WHO HAS VAST COLLECTION OF HI END GEAR... BUT THE ONE WHO HAS GOOD EAR ...
  2. A

    Chromecast 2 Ideal Media Player?

    Hi FM's I have been using Chromecast 2 for my media playing through my PC to the TV for my HT system. Wanted to know the following: 1) Is this way correct to play Dolby BluRay Movies that I have? 2) Am I loosing out on quality of sound or video by doing this? 3) Sometimes I am unable to...
  3. K

    Improving source content (buy/dload, online/offline)?

    Like most other people my generation, my source of movies/music has for a long time included only digital media on my laptop/drives. I've started upgrading my music collection from MP3s to FLACs, but for movies, the source of ripped movies stays the same for now. I know many people here...
  4. rohitmusic

    For Sale Asus HD Media Player HDP-R1

    Hi, Putting on sale a good media player. Condition: Working: 10/10 Cosmetically: 8 or 9/10 Reason for sale: Not using. I had got it only for experimenting as a digital source! Used it very sparingly only couple times as got another media player as well and multiple other...
  5. R

    Future ready OPTIMUM setup for Audio/Video

    Hi, First of all, pardon me for a detailed post. :o I wanted to give as much information as I can about setup + thought process + research so that it will be easier for the GURUs here to comment / suggest. OPTIMUM = best possible w.r.t. budget & needs * Needs mostly are somewhat...
  6. K

    Source Advice for HK3490 with JBL ES 80 speakers

    Hi! I need some advice and help. Currently I play the above config with a SONY DVD player connected to the HK 3490 through an Optical Cord. What I need to know is should I or could I just continue with the SONY or will I get some serious benefit if I invest in a 15-20k CD Player? Have...