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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. V

    For Sale Silvercom Reference Analogue RCA & Atlas Mavros BNC Digital Interconnects

    Up for sale is the cables listed below. 1. Silvercom Reference RCA Interconnects. 1m long. Approximately two years old. Second owner. Bought abroad. Condition 9/10. No box available. Expected price Rs.24,000. 2. Atlas Mavros Digital Interconnect. BNC connectors at both ends. 1m long. One year...
  2. amit11

    What might be causing less warmth in SQ

    In my setup I had done some change since 5 months, but after so many months I realize I am not enjoying it. :( I am not able to find what is causing this. I will try to explain. Original setup: [sounding good] apple ipad via wifi --> apple airport express having Airplay --> SPDIF ---> DAC...
  3. amit11

    Optical toslink cable - mini on both sides

    Hi Friends, Is there any mini toslink to mini toslink cable optical available? I do not want to use the connector and attach, it degrades the quality. I have 4 optical cables. Blue rigger - one side mini and other side normal Blue rigger - both sides normal Stock optical cable which came...
  4. amit11

    Spdif purifier by iFi

    Hi Friends, Does anybody use or have had chance to demo the SPDIF purifier by iFi? It is basically a pass thru for spdif signal (either optical or coaxial), and is said to purify it by reducing jitter / reclocking etc. It sits between the transport and the DAC. Normally our transport which...
  5. amit11

    USB / reclocker / regenerator / DDC (digital to digital convertor)

    Hi Friends, Over the few months I had tried to experiment with USB sound. In some cases it was bright and in some cases it was fine. I also did USB to SPDIF and tried. Somehow I still preferred my original chain of SPDIF. Though USB had some good points, it was still missing the natural & lush...
  6. amit11

    Wanted USB to SPDIF

    Hi Friends, Was looking for USB to SPDIF convertor to connect to my NOS DAC which has optical input only. convertor e.g Muse mini based on pcm2704 chip, signstek based on pcm2704 chip, etc. Thanks in advance. Amit.
  7. eddie_fox

    Wanted USB to SPDIF converter

    Hi all, Looking for a decent USB to SPDIF converter below 15K INR. (Preferably co-ax cable will be a part of the package) Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  8. W

    Specs say TV supports 5.1 but no digital output! How do I connect?

    I purchased a series 5 Samsung ua40j5100. On their website this Tv apparently supports Dolby and DTS 5.1. However there is no spdif or coax or hdmi arc out. It only has a mini jack audio out! How in the world can i get 5.1 out of this??? :sad: I even called customer care so many times but...
  9. Santy

    Simple DIY: SPDIF output from Mobo

    I had this RCA socket lying with me for a long time, decided to try the SPDIF experiment which I had in my mind. I guess this can be done on any mother board with SPDIF header pins. Useful for attaching entry level DACs without USB or to save a USB port of PC. I opened the case and chopped...
  10. D

    Videocon D2H no dolby

    Hi Every One, Sorry this might be already answered. But i didn't find any that is why i am asking. I am using a videocon HD box ( non DVR) My set up is STB--> HDMI--> TV TV--> Optical cable --> 5.1 home theater. Now everything working fine when i am in the stereo mode. TV, home...
  11. cavallino

    value for money speaker set/receiver for htpc?

    Purpose : Watching movies Requirement: SPDIF IN Price - Value for money What should I be looking at guys - receivers or 5.1 speakers? regards cavallino