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speaker and amp matching

Wharfedale Diamond 225
  1. dinesh1201

    How to: Amplifier to Speaker matching. Might be helpful for some!

    Hey guys, I found this tutorial on YT. This might be helpful for some people to gain some knowledge :)
  2. D

    speakers suggestions max budget rs.25000

    i need suggestion of speakers for Norge 2060 UBT Stereo Amplifier. 1- only use is for music of all geners (especially need more of bass) 2- room size is 15 ft * 20 ft
  3. G

    Subwoofer - Remote RCA Volume Control Knob

    I am using SVS SB2000 Sub, with my LS50 and Deviate 120. My initial experience with a sub has been mixed, the sound was boomy, and the only way I could reduce that was by crossing over at rather lower frequency as suggested by different fourms, and mostly by turning down the volume of the sub...
  4. N

    Recommendation sought for 5.1 Speaker system under 30k ?

    Hello Group, I am interested in buying a Home theatre system - Floor standing speakers, centre speaker and surround speakers in a budget under Rs 30K for my Living room Room Dimension: 23X30 ft . Location - Gurgaon Please suggest the best option. I like high Bass. Thanks
  5. N

    Replace front speakers with bigger speakers in 5.1 channel setup.

    Hello All, I have a F&D 5.1 channel setup. All the 5 speakers, (11W-4 Ohms each) are connected to the sub woofer. I want to replace the CENTER, FRONT-LEFT and FRONT-RIGHT speakers with bigger (higher power) speakers. Can you please give some inputs on the things like ...How to do this...
  6. Y

    HiFi Complete Music Setup with Turn Table & CD Player

    Hi guys, I am planning on building a premium stereo music set-up in my bedroom which is around 200sqft - 250sqft. I went for a couple of demos where I tried the AE's, Dali Opticon 6, B&W 684 S2, B&W 685 S2, B&W CM5 S2 & also a few Paradigm towers. Don't really have a preference towards...
  7. A

    What is the meaning of amplifier & Speaker Power ?

    Say a speaker and an amplifier specs says that maximum permissible power that it can handle is 100 Watts @ 6 Ohms. Is that mean : 1- When the volume level is gradually increased from 0 to 100%, Power will also gradually increase (from 0 to 100 watt) that reaches to the speaker. 25 %...
  8. vinothkumar

    Suggestion needed for my AV Receiver

    Hi Guys, I have bought SONY STR DN1050 AVR from amazon.com yesterday. I want to buy speakers for it. Can you please suggest me the right speakers for me. It has 165W RMS and 6-16 ohms impedance. I have an option to buy BOSE acoustimas 10 speakers because of a deal which is ready to give...
  9. M

    Good Floorstanders

    Dear friends, I joined the forum a year back and have been reading the posts regularly and have come to understand that the music is best delivered by amplifiers and the speaker set ups. We are a small family and everyone has different taste for music. I am into popular western music (Rock...
  10. V

    Help in upgrading HT

    Hello, I am currently using a Marantz SR301 AV receiver for my Bose HT speakers and want to upgrade the Av receiver to Denon AVR1000X. I also am looking to buy Polk Audio TSX440T floor speakers for my living room and wanted to know if the Marantz SR 301 (140watts@6 Ohms) can drive the Polk...
  11. M

    Yamaha A-S 500/Marantz PM6004 & Wharfedale Diamond 10.1/Sonodyne 2605 V3?

    Hi I am novice in hifi system. Need your suggestion to choose between 1. Yamaha A-S 500 and Marantz PM 6004 and 2. Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 (or 121) and Sonodyne 2605 V3 Any suggestion is most welcome. Thank you. Manish
  12. S

    Connect Yamaha NS-P150 to Logitech Z906

    Hi. I have a Logitech Z906 connected to my PC and I was wondering if I can connect Yamaha's NS-P150 (left, right and center only) to the Z906. And Will I get improved results over my current setup or Not? Z906 Specs: Power Rating (RMS) 500 Watt (Total Power) (165W Sub + 5x67W Satellites)...
  13. O

    Speakers for my Topping Amp

    I have recently bought the following amplifier, USB DAC and connectors and am looking to buy a set of speakers and speaker connectors to complete the set. 1. Topping TP20 Mark II Power Amplifier. 2. Nuforce Icon uDAC 2 USB DAC. 3. A pair of gold plated 22 AWG RCA connectors (~ 2 m). 4...
  14. O

    Topping TP20 Mark II with NuForce Icon uDAC2

    Hello folks, I am a newbie on this forum. Based on the recommendations in what has been a popular article, I bought the following equipment: 1. Topping TP20 Mark II 2. NuForce Icon uDAC2 (USB DAC) 3. 22 AWG Gold Plated RCA M/M Plug cables for left and right inputs from the DAC to the amp. 4...
  15. T

    I am looking for two channel music only system for 50K

    OBJECTIVE: I am looking for two channel music only system. 1. Audio preference (Music / Movies) = 100 % / 0% 2. Budget = Rs. 50k to 75k 3. Room Size (Lenght x Breadth x Height = 12Feet L x 10F B x ? H 4. Source (CD /DVD /Satellite /Other) = CD and Vinyl 5. Existing components to...
  16. prepress

    Subwoofer instead of Woofer

    Hi all, Recently purchased Yamaha A-S500 Amplifier I have already a pair of speaker Each Speaker Box contains: 10" Woofer 4" Tweeter 3" Tweeter Satisfied with Amp, but from one box.. sometimes the Bass seems distorted.. may be due to cone vibrations. I want to replace my 10" woofers with...
  17. prepress

    Subwoofer Needed

    Hi All, I need a active subwoofer (above 250-300W, Prefer branded-JBL, Onkyo or any good brand suggession) for my room size 10' X 12'. Let me know if anybody wants to sell his/her.
  18. P

    Need a new Home theater setup... No clue where to start...HELP

    Hi I need to create a new home theater setup at my house, more like I need two setups. Both 5.1, one in my room and one in my brother's room. I am not sure what kind of equipment to buy, please suggest. Like i know I will need speakers, amplifiers and cabling, but i need help with specifics on...
  19. V

    Which receiver with Wharfedale 9.5?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to set up a system which will be used primarily for music and also for movies. Requirements are as follows: - Usage will be 80% for music (2-3 hours daily) and 20% for movies (2-3 movies every week). We currently listen to movies on a set of PC speakers connected...
  20. H

    Speakers for Onkyo TX-SR606

    Hello Friends, Firstly let me thank this forum for sharing very useful information. I am novice to this area but going thru various reviews I must say that it has helped me familiarize myself with the terminology and basics of HT. Last week I got my ONKYO TX-SR606 AV receiver from...