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speaker and avr matching

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  1. H

    Subwoofer and centre speaker recommendations

    I have a NAd 747 AVR and imagine T tower speakers..am looking to add a subwoofer, centre speaker and surround speakers. For subwoofer am thinking PSB 250.Option in PSB for center and surround speaker is limited. Am not sure if imagine XC will be too small for set up..Also I dont want too bulky...
  2. D


    Hi, Im considering getting bookshelf speakers for my yamaha 3072 avr. Have narrowed down to the q acoustics 3020i and the wharfdale diamond 11.1. Since i cant really audition, some advice from the FMs would be really helpful as i desparately need to upgrade up htib speakers that came with the...
  3. D

    Connecting Sony passive subwoofer to new Yamaha RX-V685 via sony receiver using coax

    I currently have a Sony Muteki 5.2 HT system (HT-M5). I am planning to upgrade to Yamaha RX-V685. I am extremely happy with the sound I am getting with my current system however it is limited to DTS and Dolby Digital formats. I am upgrading only for DTS X and Dolby Atmos. Since V685 can work...
  4. N

    How to connect a pair of bookshelf to AVR and also to a STERIO AMP?

    Hello All, Is there an easy way to connect an AVR and a STERIO AMP to a single pair of speakers, without manually removing and attaching the speaker cables every time. Can anyone suggest if there is some kind of toggle switch etc please ? Thank you.
  5. N

    Which is better? ADD 1 ACTIVE SUB or...a New 5.0 SPEAKER SET to my YHT196?

    Hi Guys, Which is a better option? 1. Add an active subwoofer (price around20k) to my existing YHT196 or 2. Replace all the speakers in YHT196 with something like TagaHarmony 5.0-CH Home Cinema Speaker Set. The reason I am asking is .... I am able to get an active sub, or TagaHarmony 5.0...
  6. M

    HT Speaker advise and setup advise wanted

    Hello, I am setting up a home theatre at my place in Mumbai. Need advise regarding the following: I am buying the Yamaha HTR-3067 amp. 1) Was planning to buy the yamaha ns-p40 package to go with the amp, had auditioned it and thought it was good. The dealer gave me another option: buy the...
  7. A

    Home-theater package suggestion needed

    Hi All, I am new to this form. I am going to purchase a home theater system. Either as as package or as AV receiver and speakers. Kindly suggest some good configurations under 75K. And I am from Trivandrum, Kerala please share any store details available to purchase these products. Thanks all..
  8. N

    YAMAHA YHT 196 upgrade capabilities..

    Hello All, I want to buy YHT196. I will go for a SPEAKER upgrade later. Current speakers of YHT196 are 100W each. How far I can push this in future? I mean, how powerful speakers "each" can this AVR bear? Thanks a lot in advance to all the nice and helpful people here ....
  9. A

    What is IEC & JEITA

    Hello, When speaker's impedance increases, the power on Amps is reduced. For example: Amp is supplying 100 watts @6 Ohms, when impedance is 8 Ohms power will be 80 watts. Onkyo AVR TX-SR343 specs says that: 100 w/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel driven, IEC) 120 w/Ch (6 Ohms, 1...
  10. A

    What is the meaning of amplifier & Speaker Power ?

    Say a speaker and an amplifier specs says that maximum permissible power that it can handle is 100 Watts @ 6 Ohms. Is that mean : 1- When the volume level is gradually increased from 0 to 100%, Power will also gradually increase (from 0 to 100 watt) that reaches to the speaker. 25 %...
  11. ShutterX

    Choice of AV receiver + Speakers

    I am planning to set up a budget HT. Would appreciate your opinions. Purpose: Gaming and movies only. Location: Living room with TV AVR options- Denon AVR X500 Yamaha HTR 2067 Pioneer VSX 524 (current preference) Speakers options- Pioneer AJ BS22 x4 Pioneer AJ CS22 center...
  12. M

    Help to decide speaker system for Yamaha RX V479

    Guys, I am planning to buy Yamaha Receiver RX-V 479 from the US and get speakers here. Can you please suggest 5.1 speaker systems in the price range of Rs 25K to 35K for me to audition (in Chennai) Shortlisted below (in order of preference) 1. Wharfedale Moviestar 65+ Super 2. Boston...
  13. H

    HT with a budget of 1.75 L (only the fronts & AVR)

    Hi guys. I started as an utterly confused soul eager to build a HT. Reading through this forum, research on google etc. confused me to the core. But at the same time the knowledge of the fellow FMs, detailed discussions on this forum and auditioning real time has helped me tremendously in...
  14. V

    Suggestion needed for my AV Receiver

    Hi Guys, I have bought SONY STR DN1050 AVR from amazon.com yesterday. I want to buy speakers for it. Can you please suggest me the right speakers for me. It has 165W RMS and 6-16 ohms impedance. I have an option to buy BOSE acoustimas 10 speakers because of a deal which is ready to give...
  15. R

    Suggest AVR and corresponding speakers

    Hi All, I have planned to buy good moderate AVR and Good speakers. Requirement: 1) I am an audiophile person, I would like the details of the track from the MP3 / FLAC audio's. I would like to listen in depth details on the song. 2) And also I am a movie buff guy, like to watch good...
  16. V

    Help in upgrading HT

    Hello, I am currently using a Marantz SR301 AV receiver for my Bose HT speakers and want to upgrade the Av receiver to Denon AVR1000X. I also am looking to buy Polk Audio TSX440T floor speakers for my living room and wanted to know if the Marantz SR 301 (140watts@6 Ohms) can drive the Polk...
  17. N

    Need help with Speakers selection for first time HT Setup

    Friends, I'm finally a member on the site after being an avid reader in the last few months. Setting up a Home Theater has been a 12 year dream and finally I've begun working towards this, but I'm no audiophile/expert so I will need all the help and guidance from all the experts here in my...
  18. P

    avr maximum power handling.. confused

    Dear all I presently have onkyo 3400 whose avr is R-309 whose specs it is written 120w/channel tested at one channel only at a time. the reciver power is written 390 watts.so it cannot deliver 120 watts at the same time to all the 6 channles.am i right/wrong?? or the speaker power and...
  19. G


    I don't know where to start. I somehow got this itch. Actually I am not a music buff. But some how got this itch to buy HT. So started hunting with 10-15k price range :D. Later I found what I get with my budget. Went for Onkyo 3400, Yamaha 196 and Denon 1612 auditions. Yamaha is descent...
  20. I

    30k-35k floor standers for Yamaha rx v667

    Hello everyone, I am here with my very first post and very first query from you Gurus. I am going to setup my very first 7.1 system (in steps). My room size is 12ft x 27ft. My usage is 80% music/20% movie-including gaming occasionally, Player is PS3 slim. What I already have: Yamaha...