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speaker brands

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. V

    Driver for FS - Help

    Hi All, Planning to build my 2 way FS. Everything seems new as Im kinda steppin' in after almost 14 years and back to DIY :yahoo:. From some of threads here and some assistance from Ritchie Street I came across some 6.5" Peerless Fabrikkerne Drivers. Planning to get them from diyaudiocart.com...
  2. A

    Best Setup that goes good with Denon 2200w ?

    Hey guys , could you tell me the best speakers for Denon 2200w ? My budget is 1.1L max(Excluding 2200w). As of now I'm considering 5.2ch setup with great bass output. I want it to listen music as well as to watch Films.
  3. D

    Best speakers system

    I want to buy a component home theater system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Polk Audio RTiA7 Klipsch RF 52 Q Acoustics 2050i Jamo S626 Andrew Jones SP FS 52 (ive haerd they are great for the price) i ll probably use it 70 percent for music 30...
  4. R

    Allen smith Joy 5.1 is good speakers

    Hi All, I am very new to this, could you please suggest the speakers. Recently I got a deal Allen smith Joy 5.1 40k with center, tower 3 way (80 watts), rear and sub woofer(10 inch) speaker, all speaker does 5 inch drive. Is't good one? or any disadvantages are there? I'm planning to...
  5. S

    Safe AVR for my expensive TV [50- 80k budget]

    Hi friends, I need your help in finding out the best AVR for my first home theater system. Here are some details TV : Sony 4K KD-55X8500B [55"] Room size : medium Location: Bangalore Budget : 50 - 80K blu ray Movies : 60%, HDTV: 30%, Music : 10% I did audition high end Q-acoustic...
  6. A

    Help me find the best ht solution

    I have a small room, and I bought a 4k tv (lg 49ub850t). Now I want great sound experience along with it. Recommend me a sound system keeping in mind that my room size is very small. it is 12*14 ft room in which i have a 6*7bed and the remaining 13*6 ft area is left for ht setup. the ceiling...
  7. saurabhpach

    Klipsch RC62ii

    Anybody knows a good place in delhi to pick up klipsch rc62ii and how much would it cost? What could be other alternates to this speaker ?
  8. Z

    Which Amplifier...

    Hi This is my first journey towards high end hi fi systems & am confused. I'm listing down some queries which I request you guys to answer. 1. As said above am planning to go for a high end 2 channel audio system, pls. tell me shall I go for an amplifier first or speakers first ? 2. I...
  9. A

    Speaker Brands available in India and Price range

    Friends, I could see lots and lots of thread running in Speaker category for selection and also seen its be not answered always.So thought of opening a thread for the new comers to choose a among all the Foreign brand speakers with Basic \Entry level.Moreover i can see there are only few...