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speaker cable

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  1. kartick

    SOLD RCA Interconnects & Speaker Cables from Mr. Murthy

    ALL CABLES SOLD to two FMs. Shipment pending. Thanks to all those FMs who shared an overwhelming response to the sale thread. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling 7 pairs of RCA interconnects...
  2. R

    SOLD Audio Note Lexus LX 96 speaker cable - 2m pair

    Hello Friends, Up for sale is my Highly regarded Lexus LX 96 High purity 6N copper litz Speaker cable from the house of Audio note. Silver coated Banana Plug Termination both ends Purest copper speaker cable for a stunning sound reproduction. The brand speaks itself for the quality. Hence a...
  3. cybervinay

    SOLD Abbey Road Monitor Speaker Cable 2 Meters Pair By Moving Air

    This is one of my recent favorite speaker cable that I have used. I have re-positioned my amplifier and this cable is not sufficient length. Absolutely Neutral, Truly Transparent - With Abbey Road Speaker Cables they sound as if there is no cable at all! Used in the world renown Abbey Road...
  4. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Cardas Clear Light Speaker cable 3m pair

    Hi, These high end cables are offered for sale consequent to my planned disposal of other gear. Amongst the most musical speaker cables available today. The mids and highs are particularly captivating. This 3m pair was purchased by me in April 2017 from a Cardas dealer in Hongkong. They are...
  5. A

    For Sale RCA terminating connectors

    Have two pairs of Profigold brand RCA connectors for sale. Very good quality products. Expected INR 800 for both the pairs. Located in Bangalore
  6. R

    For Sale DCSk transparent HiFi AWG 11 speaker cable - Made in Germany

    I have some speaker cable remaining that I am putting up for sale. DCSk transparent loudspeaker cable OFC copper cable for HiFi/audio 99.99% insulated copper speaker cable AWG 11 Cable length: 4m Price: 500/- Pickup location: Navi Mumbai Shipping: Yes, if required. Charges at actuals
  7. surendar

    For Sale The Chord Company Clearway Speaker Cable 2M Pair

    For sale is a pair of The Chord Company Clearway speaker cable. Length 2 meter. This is the updated current version of the Clearway cable. It is less than a year old and sparingly used. Terminated with high quality soldering free banana plugs. Price Rs 6000/- Can be couriered to anywhere in...
  8. N

    Need Cable Advice for this setup

    Hi All, This is my planned setup Polk Audio TL1600 Speaker package (back surround speakers will be approximately 45 feet wire distance from the av receiver) Polk Audio RC60i In Ceiling speaker (Pair) (these will be approximately 30 feet wire distance from the av receiver) Yamaha RX-V585 7.2 Ch...
  9. Gerry_the_Merry

    For Sale VDH Revelation with VDH Bananas 2.5m Mint

    For sale: VDH Revelation Hybrid speaker cable. - 2.5m length – the cable comes as 4 independent cables so total length is 10m. - Terminated with VDH Banana Connectors on both ends which can be unscrewed. So if you wanted to replace with Spades or Berri Bus connectors it would not be a...
  10. K

    RCA cables affect soundquality?

    I am using a monitor audio m2 speakers with Marantz PM5004 connected to laptop with a schiit modi DAC while i use fairly good speaker cable the rca cable that i use to connect the DAC to amp is a bit old and cheap as well,i also feel there is a little bit of quality loss and audio quality...
  11. S

    Wanted Nordost Super flatline or Kimber 8TC

    Hello All, Im looking out for Nordost Super Flatline Mark II Speaker cable with factory termination. Biwiring is prefered. OR Kimber 8TC with factory termination. Biwiring is prefered. Im located in chennai and would prefer to audition for few hours before deciding. Look forward...
  12. Anurag

    For Sale Single Crystal Copper Speaker Cables

    For Sale, Seduction Audio - The Mojo - Signature Loudspeaker Cable It its a Single Crystal Oxygen Free Copper Cable. I purchased it relatively cheap 10GBP/meter +shipping/customs, as SCCopper are costlier higher end cables, probably because this cable is discontinued. Asking price is...
  13. dheerajin

    For Sale Supra Quadrax Speaker Cable (High end from Supra)

    Dear All, I am placing my speaker cable from Supra which is high end from their stable. information about construction can be seen on below mentioned links-...
  14. Vijay_s

    Wanted Speaker cables

    After moving to new home my 6 feet pair of chord carnival silver screen cable become shorter for the purpose. Looking for cable around 10-12 feet. Also looking for cable for rear speakers (40 feet pair)
  15. vikramdesigner

    My new setup with KEF Q300 and NAD C356BEE DAC

    Hi Guys Thanks for the feed back for my previous post. Here is the setup which i did , sorry my room is messed up with cables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZOHOgPIjz4 Please help me to know the sound quality and placement ??? I find more bass on left speaker than right, is it cos of wall...
  16. V

    Need Budget Interconnects for Topping TP20 & Cambridge audio S30

    Hi, I have recently bought a topping tp 20 and i am planning to pair it with Cambridge audio s30 (will buy it in next few days). I need a matching speaker cable (probably with fixed banana plugs) about 4 feet for each speaker and a input cable for source. For now source is going to my...
  17. A

    Wanted Speaker Cable

    Hello! I am looking to change my stock speaker cable. I am looking for something made of copper and around 10-15ft. Since i use a powered speaker, i just need single cable to go from the master to the slave speaker. My budget is around 2000-2500. Please let me know if anyone has a...
  18. Santy

    For Sale Chord Rumour 2 speaker cable

    Chord Rumour 2 speaker cable Product page Bought 5m for Rs 3000 One is 9 ft long other one just short of 8 ft They are unterminated. But I can include banana plugs (2x 2 nos) Excellent cable for its price. Thin and flexible. Silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation. A neutral...