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speaker cables

Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. Goldfinch Acoustics

    WyWire Speaker Cables

    At Goldfinch Acoustics, WyWire Speaker cables are available in single, double and triple wire configurations and can be fitted with spade lugs and or banana plugs. Utilizing their Litz wire, air dielectric technology, WyWire's speaker cables are engineered to preserve the output of any...
  2. J

    SOLD RCA Interconnects / Speaker cable

    Dear Friends, Up for sale the following items:- RCA Interconnect cable (2 Pairs). Bought from Aliexpress for my Topping D10 DSD DAC which I sold last month in the HFV. Brand: A&T Audio Length: 0.75 metre Age: 1 Yr Condition: 10/10 Price: (SOLD) Speaker cable Brand: IXOS speaker cable...
  3. ravikumar-rotel

    Wanted kimber kable

    Looking for a used 12TC or 8 TC speaker cable and also RCA interconnects from kimber kable.
  4. S

    Speaker Cable running short: Solutions?

    My 14AWG speaker cable is running short by about a metre. Is there a proper and neat way i can extend the cable without compromising quality? Currently the cable is terminated by nakamichi banana plugs. Thanks!
  5. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Van Den Hul Clearwater Speaker Cable 4m pair

    Vdh Clear water Speaker Cable with original VdH Gold plated Banana plugs. Age: 2 years old in mint condition. Reason for Sale - They are not in use Price: Rs. 10,000 + shipping with the banana plugs. OR. Rs. 6,000 + shipping without the banana plugs. Review...
  6. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Speaker Cables

    A. Mogami 2804 3m pair, purchased in Feb 2017 from dealer. Mint condition. Price Rs. 8,000 + shipping. I am the first owner. B. AntiCable Reference 3: 1.8m pair, purchased a year ago from an FM. Mint condition. Price Rs. 6,000 + shipping. Both are highly rated, natural sounding and...
  7. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Anticable Reference 3 Speaker Cable

    'Reclaim the music lost in your existing cables'. This revolutionary cable is perhaps the best money can buy in its price range. Completely transparent SQ with good extension across the entire frequency spectrum. Bought from an FM about a month ago, I am the second owner. Cables are in...
  8. A

    DIY Speaker Cables

    So I finally got the WArfedale Diamond 220 with the Marantz PM5004 connected to my MSI Ge-62 via a SMSL Sanskrit dac. Now i want to make some Diy cables (the speakers are wired with some crap cables for now :( ), would be a good weekend project and would save me some money too. Now all the...
  9. vikramdesigner

    Cables for my new DAC

    Hi Friends , As most them know, will be getting Dac under $1200( anytime within a week) May be CHORD or SCHIIT or AUDIOLAB or REGA or METRUM Would like know the best qualty cables suitable for these dac to perform well.( also for my speakers too) Recommend any one brand so I can...
  10. H

    For Sale QED Silver Anniversary-XT Speaker cables & VDH D102 MK111

    Hi All, I am going to sell my new cables which is imported from ebay UK 1. QED Silver Anniversary-XT Speaker cable 3m pair with third party hi quality Banana connector terminated by the UK seller.The condition is brand new not much used.Expecting 5k (including shipping) 2. VDH D102 mkIII RCA...
  11. Z

    For Sale Chang Audio Speaker Link 1 Speaker Cables 2.5 m ( 8 Feet )Pair

    Brand/Model: Chang Audio Speaker Link 1 Speaker Cables 2.5 m ( 8 Feet )Pair Age/Ownership: Around 15 Months / First Owner Condition: 9 / 10 Reason for Sale : Cable not in use Sale Price : Rs 8,000/- including shipping Mode Of Payment: Online Transfer. Description ...
  12. O

    Speakers for my Topping Amp

    I have recently bought the following amplifier, USB DAC and connectors and am looking to buy a set of speakers and speaker connectors to complete the set. 1. Topping TP20 Mark II Power Amplifier. 2. Nuforce Icon uDAC 2 USB DAC. 3. A pair of gold plated 22 AWG RCA connectors (~ 2 m). 4...
  13. Balaaji

    Speaker cables Bandridge or Mx

    I bought sensei RB6 and denon a v r 1612. Now looking for speaker cables 40 meters and sub woofer cable too. Experts plz suggest me on Bandridge n Mx dealers in chennai... I don't find dealers for Bandridge in chennai.
  14. V

    Advice on Speaker Cables to Purchase

    Firstly to the Moderators, Sorry if this is a duplicate. I didn't have the patience to go through all the posts since I'm in office :sad: Now for my question.. I bought an Onkyo 609 AVR and the KEF KHT 2005 Speaker package from Dubai during the DSF and managed to get them both home...
  15. S

    For Sale Nordost Flatline 4-Flat Speaker Cable

    One pair of Nordost Flatline 4-Flat biwire speaker cable. One side 5m and other side 7m. Biwire means that the amp side is a single set of spades (see photo) and speaker side 2 pairs of bananas (see photo). This allows speakers such as B&W (that have separate speaker side connectors for low and...
  16. K

    Recommendation for cables for my gear

    Hi! After about 18 years I finally decide to put together a budget Hi Fi System for my vinyl collection as well as some of my DVD-A; SACD & CDs. Here's the gear I have: 1. Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable 2. OPPO DV-981HD 1080p High Definition Up-Converting...
  17. TheCoolestOne

    Speaker Cables 14 vs 16 awg - 2 vs quad

    Hello all, I am in the process of setting up my new HT in a room measuring 11 x 15ft with a viewing distance of 10ft. My system comprises of: AVR: Denon 1912 Fronts BS: Wharfedale 9.2 Centre: Wharfedale 9CS Rear: Wharfedale 9DFS Sub: undecided and yet to buy I am in the process of...
  18. A

    Hello! Buying Wharf 9.1 + Norge 1k, need advice on CDp

    Hi Everyone, After trolling through the forum for a week, I'm finally making my first post. After going through (the exhaustive) threads on entry-level speakers, I spent a couple of hours at Vector (Bangalore) today, and must say that Lokesh's service and attitude are behaviours I'd like...
  19. R

    Looking for speaker cables in Navi Mumbai

    Hey all, Newbie here, and also the first post! I'm setting up my first true HT, with Onlyo 608 and Polk Audio speakers. Am in the market for some quality speaker cables - probably Bandridge 12/14 gauge. Does anyone know of any shops that stock this in Navi Mumbai? Been looking around...
  20. N

    Help needed for Speaker Cables from UK or US..

    Hi Friends, 1) Could you suggest any good speaker cables for my set up. It will have Onkyo 608 AVR and PSB Image book shelves, I will need around 120 feet speaker cable for 5.0 setup. My friends are in UK and US and they will be traveling back to India in a months time so if there are any...