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speaker compatibility

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  1. R

    Sony mini HF speakers compatible with AVR?

    Guys I am a newbie here and trying to buy a good AVR+speakers but because of budget i have following choice AVR - Denon or marantz Speakers I have Sony mini HiFi system bought in 2004. The front and surround speakers are very good but the system is down Specs of speakers are Front...
  2. A

    Best Setup that goes good with Denon 2200w ?

    Hey guys , could you tell me the best speakers for Denon 2200w ? My budget is 1.1L max(Excluding 2200w). As of now I'm considering 5.2ch setup with great bass output. I want it to listen music as well as to watch Films.
  3. A

    BA Soundware vs Soundware XS Speaker / Digital Cinema Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have Boston Acoustics Digital Cinema system. When I shifted recently, the speakers got damaged and I need to replace them. Can I replace the Soundware XS speaker that came with the system with the larger Soundware speakers? I have put the comparison specs from the website below...
  4. H

    HT with a budget of 1.75 L (only the fronts & AVR)

    Hi guys. I started as an utterly confused soul eager to build a HT. Reading through this forum, research on google etc. confused me to the core. But at the same time the knowledge of the fellow FMs, detailed discussions on this forum and auditioning real time has helped me tremendously in...
  5. R

    Avr to go along with old speakers

    I just came across my old sony system. It is SONY MHC-VX77. I wanted to use the Front Speakers SS-VX77. Also The Sattelite Speakers Along With My New AVR(NOT YET PURCHASED). Do you Guys Feel That these speakers are any good. Also I will be buying Separates Later on. Just For Now I want to use...